Gin of the Month – McQueens Colour Changing Gin

This month (as always) I have picked out a gin to be featured as ‘Gin of the Month’ that stands out from the rest, for at least one reason.

McQueen’s Gin is produced by the McQueen Family in the Scottish town of Callander, the gateway to Loch Lomond. Founded in 2015, they pride themselves on producing a fine spirit with unique flavours, creating an adventurous gin drinking experience. They have gone on to pick up a number of awards, whilst being stocked and listed in a number of the finest bars, restaurants and supermarkets. They base their gins on the philosophy of being ‘distilled to be different’.

After just over 3 years they have now expanded to a much bigger distillery that was recently visited by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, so with me being an official supporter of International Scottish Gin Day 2019, which is fast approaching, what better time to be reviewing one of their Scottish Gins.

The McQueen Gin line up includes some totally unique flavours including a Smokey Chilli, Sweet Citrus and even a Chocolate Mint Gin which are achieved via the distillation process.

Some of the other McQueen Gins are also available within Aldi Stores making them easily accessible, including one of their latest offerings, a colour changing Forest Fruits Gin.

I approach this gin with caution, as I’m not generally a fan of sweet liqueur type spirits that some producers are labelling incorrectly as Gin. With some of these flavours being promoted, I’m initially not sure what to expect.

Thankfully as I start research their gins, I am liking what I find. All McQueen’s gins use a range of unique ingredients and botanical’s during distilling, each one being produced just as a gin should be, Juniper being at the forefront of all the other flavours, with the rest coming through as subtle notes.

The bottle I really like, simple clear glass with the McQueen symbol designed into the glass itself, this really shows off the gorgeous colouring.

I open the beautiful bottle of blue and the nose coming through is better than expected, a clear aroma of juniper with a very faint, dare I say it… bubblegum aroma. However far from being over powering or off putting, the subtle nature of it makes me more intrigued to try it.

I first try the Gin neat as always, the juniper is pronounced with the fruit flavours adding  a slight sweetness, this makes it a well rounded drink and a pleasure to sip.

The Gin starts off as a brilliant blue colour

I then try it as a G&T. There are a few colour changing gins around and they are great to watch. Some however have questioned about additives to make this happen, with others claiming it doesn’t change colour, so how does it actually work.

The colour changes before your eyes

It is the colour changing properties of the Butterfly Pea Flower, which is added to McQueens Forest Fruits Gin, which causes its deep blue colour.

The finished Gin is visibly pink after adding the tonic

The flower is famously effected by PH levels and can turn to a pink colour when it becomes more acidic, it is for this reason that the gin takes on the pink shade when the tonic is added.

For those that say is doesn’t work, well the pictures clearly show how it changed.

As a Gin and Tonic (I used Fever-Tree Mediterranean), it was a refreshingly beautiful drink. The ‘Bubble-Gum’ like aroma disappears and in its place you get a subtle fruitiness which is delicate, yet pleasing.

This isn’t the most complex of Gins that I’ve tried, but its definitely the best I’ve had at in its price range, for this retails at just £19.99 at Aldi.

  • ABV: 37.5%
  • Bottle Size: 50cl
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Type: Gin

So of you like trying different gins, are a fan of slightly fruity but not sweetened gin, or if you know someone that has a gin collection, you can not go wrong with this one.

Colour Changing Gin is available from Aldi Stores here

Or Try out the rest of the range, available directly from McQueen Online here

Now I’m starting to think about which of the other McQueen Gins I should try!!


Forest Fruit Gin from McQueen was sent to me to try and review, The opinions and thoughts in this review are my own and honest. No input is given to the producer or their agents.


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