Gin of the Month:- Gin Bothy (Stirrup Cup)

Regular readers of my gin blogs will hopefully have found some new, some standout and some unusual gins so far, with this months ‘Gin of the Month’ being no exception.

Gin Bothy are nestled in the Angus Glens of Scotland, creating small batch gins that utilise the local botanicals and fruit which are foraged themselves, embracing the reasons why I am proud to be an official supporter of this years International Scottish Gin Day which takes place on the 3rd Aug 2019.

The company was founded by Kim Cameron, who ventured into gin as an experiment, using up fresh berry juice that was surplus to her Jam making.

Gin Bothy is an eco-aware, award winning distillery which takes its inspiration from the surrounding countryside, with a focus on reconnecting with the past, as the poem by Kim shows.

For the bothy offers comfort aye, despite its draughty door 
An’ I know that in the future I’ll miss its flagstane floor
For nae matter whar ye wander an’ nae matter whar ye roam 
It’s the bothy days we lang for, those days o’ long ago’

Kim Cameron
Founder, Gin Bothy

They like to produce their Gin’s the old fashioned way, with the principle of respect for mountain, river and farm being at the heart of all they do. Producing small bath gins by hand and infusing with local fruits based on what is currently in season, these include raspberry, strawberry, rhubarb, blueberry, sloe and even chilly.

The gin is perfectly fine on its own, sipped neat

Their original utilises some of the finest botanicals including Scots pine needles, heather, milk thistle, hawthorn root and rosemary. This is then also used as the basis of some of their other variations, including the one that I am trying out, ‘The Stirrup Cup’.

The Stirrup Cap is traditionally a drink served to people who are just about to leave on horseback, continuing their connection with history and nature, this version is infused with fresh Scottish apples, local honey, ginger and gorse.

The resulting gin is one that is herbaceous and fruity on the nose, with a noticeable pine and rosemary presence and a softness.

On the palette it is creamy, fruity and pleasantly sweet with the ginger creating a subtle finish.

The gin came with a recommended serve of sparkling apple juice, and while refreshing, I personally found the juice to overpower the gin slightly, and why would you want to when it tastes so good.

A perfect match for a sunny afternoon in the garden

What I did find it perfect with however was an elderflower tonic. A really light and complex gin, it didn’t really need any garnish, but I did try it with some Cardamon Infused ice cubes and it bought another element to the gin, however served with a slice of apple would be good too.

Gin Bothy and all the varieties are available to purchase directly from them by mail order here

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This gin was sent to me free of charge in order to review and feedback. Everything contained within the review is honest and my own impartial thoughts and opinions.


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