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It didn’t take long for the vacancy created by the closure of Rock and Rye to be filled, in its place is yet another foodie offering to the people of Manchester.

Six By Nico was started in Glasgow in 2017 following the success of Nico Simones other Glasgow Restaurant ‘Nico 111’. In 2018 Edinburgh joined Glasgow to host the Six By Nico concept, closely followed by Belfast and now, the first English restaurant by the chef, Manchester.

The restaurant offers up a six course menu for £29 per person, with an optional wine flight for £26. Every six weeks the theme will change, with it being said, the one being replaced will never be seen again.

The concept itself sounds like a winner, all you need to do is get the food right and surely people will be flooding back time and time again to try the new ‘theme’

First up for its six week stint in Manchester is ‘The Chippie’ – This promises to serve up six dishes that have their influence in the flavours of the the good old fish and chip chop, so we headed down after its first week to see how good it was.

On top of the fixed six courses, there is also one other ‘snack’ option that you can add. For this menu it is a Manchester Egg. Presented in a box, the half egg looks a little small and I prefer my egg yolks to be runny. But what this little egg lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in flavour. On top of that, the missing runny yolk is compensated for by the incredible moreish and tasty homemade brown sauce. I was glad I gave it a try!

First up on the fixed menu was ‘Chips and Cheese’ This consisted of a flavour packing Parmesan Espuma, a Salt and Vinegar Potato Croquette and drizzled with a subtle ‘Curry Oil’. Designed to recreate the image of Chips, Cheese and Curry Sauce, it certainly went way and beyond what was expected. People all around the restaurant were licking their plates clean. I’m not sure if all taste buds would love the richness, but for me it was a real hit.

Course two was named ‘Scampi’. Consisting of Monkfish Cheeks with a pea emulsion, herb butter sauce and gribiche, this was probably my least favourite dish, however having said that, it was still thoroughly enjoyable.

Course three was ‘Steak Pie’. Melt in the mouth beef shin, burnt onion ketchup and mushroom duxelle. The flavours all worked so well together, my only gripe was that I would have done with so much more sauce on this.

Course four of Fish Supper consisted of a well cooked piece of cod, confit fennel and samphire and beer pickled mussels.

Due to my Mollusc intolerance, I swapped this out for the vegetarian option (Each course has one) – This swapped the cod and mussels for halloumi with another drizzle of that brown sauce and crunch salt and vinegar scraps.

‘Smoked Sausage’ was course five. Served with some table dramatics of smoke under a dome, it cleared to reveal a stunning piece of pork belly, celeriac a number of ways, caramelised apple and black pudding, this was again a real flavour hit and one of my favourite dishes.

Last of the six courses was the ‘Deep Fried Mars Bar’. I’m a big fan of deep fried chocolate bars (I know people that would be feeling a bit nauseous at the thought – but don’t knock it till you try it) This desert was actually my favourite of the night hands down. A light and airy caramelised chocolate mouse and fruity orange sorbet, cacoa nip and a small bite size chunk of actual deep fried mars bar.

If I had to pick on anything, I would say that at times it appeared that the staffing levels were struggling with the number of covers (I had to ask for the bill twice), but seeing that its only been open a week so far this should improve. As we sat waiting I noticed a few signs above the pass that could signal to future themes – one that really stood out was Childhood Dinners – that could be interesting!!

All the wines that went with the courses were also enjoyable and well matched, so for £55 per person was a great meal out and I for one will be keeping my eyes open for future themes.

Bookings can be made via there website here


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  1. It looks good but was it a bit sickly with all the fried elements?

    1. Not at all, it was surprisingly light and very moreish

  2. Wow these dishes are amazing! 🤤🤤 I need to go and visit!

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