Product Review:- Cannabissimo Coffee – The CBD Coffee

There has been an increased buzz around coffee shops in London, mainly caused by serving coffee along with Canibidol (CBD), rumoured to have a whole host of health benefits.

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant and is said to have all kinds of health benefits. It is a non psychoactive compound, containing none of the illegal compound THC, making it 100% legal in the UK for use as a dietary supplement.

Clinical research has taken place on CBD including preliminary studies of Anxiety, Cognitive Behaviour, Movement Disorders and Pain, however many of these studies are ongoing.

It’s use in coffee has been welcomed by many as a way to enjoy the usual benefits of coffee, whilst rumouring to decrease the side effects such as ‘the jitters’ that it sometimes causes.

So when I was asked if I would like to try and review a CBD coffee, I was intrigued to see what I would find.

Canabissimo is produced in Italy and marketed in the UK by Mighty Green Coffee Direct, containing 92% coffee and 8% Natural Hemp, creating a content of 5% CBD.

The coffee is a premium blend of Italian Coffee, consisting of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta and comes in a ground form or, as chosen by me, Nespresso compatible pods.

My first observation was that the pods were made of plastic, similar to those you buy in the supermarket. I always recycle my Nespresso Pods, so this was a disappointment. With some companies now looking at other recyclable or compostable packaging, this is something I would like to have seen.

I tried the coffee initially as an Espresso to really try and get the flavours. It has a good aroma of dark chocolate and vanilla and visually a good crema.

Flavour wise the coffee is really smooth, slightly sweeter than my usual ones again with a vanilla undertone plus a slight savoury hit. It definitely tasted slightly different to what I was used to, but in a good way.

I also tried the coffee as a Cappuccino. The vanilla still came through and this made the drink really enjoyable, so taste wise these were winners. But what about the benefits of CBD.

Here is were it gets difficult. I have an espresso every morning before I drive to work and a Latte in my trusty Kleen Kanteen thermal cup to take with me. I don’t think I really suffer from ‘Jitters’ a such, however I did feel a little more relaxed driving around, whilst also remaining focussed.

For me it also felt a little more gentle on the stomach, but again with only a few days of use its hard to say if this was from the coffee.

I definitely wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying them and if you are someone who believes you would benefit from CBD in your diet, then this is a really tasty and convenient way of doing it.

These coffee pods, along with others in the range can be viewed and purchased though their website here.

I would really love to hear back from anyone else that try’s them too get your thoughts.


Cannabissimo Pods were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my thoughts and opinions on their product. This piece and the opinions in it are purely my own. All medical claims are ongoing and I can only write about my personal experiences.


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