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David Creighton wowed judges and viewers during his time on Masterchef, but when the show was finished he went back to the full time job that he loves, as a Pilot for Thomas Cook.

Having worked overseas for tour operators for a number of years, I understand the love he has for his job, but fear not, because he isn’t giving up on the other passion in his life either.

David has launched a new range of Luxury Chocolate Bars, born from one of the dishes he created on Masterchef, which was dedicated to George Michael and named Careless Wispa.

The half broken ‘Careless Wispa’ dessert served on Masterchef

Taking inspiration from this dish, the range consists of a box of not one, but four luxury chocolate bars, with each being very unique.

Delivered in a striking blue box, that fits perfectly though the letterbox, the chocolates can be ordered online. When I was asked if I would give them a try in exchange for feedback, I was very excited.

Opening the box reveals the four bars, all looking so tempting.

First up I tried the Dark – This is produced with 71% Heirloom Ecuadorian Nacional Chocolate filled with a salted butter caramel, Olive Oil and and Balsamic Vinegar Ganache.

Rich and Luxurious, the chocolate on the outside is a real delight, then as it cracks open, the soft salted caramel and olive oil coats your tongue with a taste sensation that I really wasn’t expecting, this is a grown up chocolate bar for special occasions. The Ganache is rich and tasty with just a hint of the balsamic coming through, a double heads up for me on this one.

Next came the Milk. This one uses a 43.5% Venezuelan Chocolate which is paired with an inner of toasted coconut and lime. This was less rich with the lime taking central stage for me, think a bounty bar but again for adults. The lime worked wonders for me and the flavours started making me think of some of my travels, I was even wondering how the coconut and lime might even work with some chilli in the chocolate – maybe a Spiced Chocolate Box to come in the future?!

Now came the one I was most looking forward to trying – The Ruby.

Made from a special ruby cocoa bean, this naturally pink chocolate has a fruity taste to it which makes it very unique, it also looks incredible too.

This was matched perfectly with a dark chocolate ganache with Rose and Lychee, topped with a muscovado caramel – and I can tell you, it was heaven.

I have loved Turkish Delight’s since I was young, always seeing them as a grown ups chocolate bar. Well this takes it to a whole new dimension. The rose flavour was perfectly balanced with the lychee and the sweetness along with a soft and velvety texture – I really was in heaven with this one.

Finally came the White Chocolate. This one contained Blueberry, Tonka Beans and Basil.

I expected the blueberry to be the stand out flavour here,but actually it was the Tonka Bean, which for me has a vanilla flavour with a scattering of cinnamon. The basil was also subtle but clearly there. I expected this to be my least favourite, but actually I found it very interesting and complex.

These bars, priced at £12.50 for the four and available to order directly here, are not the sort of chocolate bar that you’d pick up in a shop and start chomping on. These are ultra luxurious and delicious, with me finding I got the most out of them by slicing and eating a small piece like a good box of chocolate.

I can also see how, with a little more imaginative could be served on a plate as a standout dessert.


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  1. So tempted to get a box.

  2. Beautiful and delicious chocolates.

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