Product Review -Watch Strap for Apple Watch

One of my most trusted travel companions has to be my apple watch.

I got my first watch around 6 years ago, when the very first Apple Watch was launched. Containing boarding passes as well as codes for entering lounges etc, it makes passing through the airport so much easier, plus in many airports, the aluminium body means that you don’t even have to remove it to go through the metal detector.

When I first bought my sports watch, I wanted to work up to getting a few straps. I had an original black sports strap, a stainless steel milanese loop which is perfect for work and a white nike sports strap which is great for the gym.

What I really wanted though was a leather strap for wearing in the evenings when out and about, unfortunately apple decided a few years ago, that the only options for a brown leather strap, was to pay out for their Hermes range – which costs over a thousand pounds (Although as of last week, they do now have a brown leather option with a modern buckle for £149, however this wasn’t the classic look that I was looking for)

This is where the watch strap company came in.

The company offer a range of straps that are available to fit your apple watch and start at just £19.99. Some of the designs you would have seen from apple, while many of their designs are more unique to them. Watch straps include free delivery directly to your door and currently all purchases over £50 come with a free apple watch case protector.

When I was asked if I would like to test out one, I was interested to see how they would look and feel compared to my other straps and ordered a tan leather strap that retails at £39.99

On arrival the strap looked like a standard leather watch strap, except of course the apple watch connections that make swapping your straps so easy.

Sliding off the stainless steel strap that I had been wearing for work, I replaced it with the tan leather ones for the weekend.

The strap fitted into the casing perfectly with no additional movement and it looked good on the wrist.

I went about my day as usual and the strap worked as well as any of my other straps from apple. The leather looked good and I had a few people comment and ask if I had a new watch.

Update May 2020

As part of the Help the NHS, a new strap has been designed by the watch strap company – Costing just £69 – all profits will be going to the NHS Covid 19 Appeal and can be ordered here



I was sent me a strap of my choosing to review and feedback. This post and all opinions in it are my own and honest.


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