Adagio Loose Teas Reviewed

I’m a massive Coffee drinker, but every now and again I enjoy a good cup of tea.

Influenced by my travel and various homes around the world, tea to me is so much more than a cup of ‘English’ builders tea and a few biscuits to dunk.

Tea takes me back to so many places, be it a refreshing mint tea from my time working in The Gambia, West Africa, or the warming fruitiness of a Hibiscus tea when tour leading around Egypt and Jordan, its memories like these that made me sit up and take notice when I was asked to review a selection of samples from Adagio Tea.

The company sell an abundance of different teas from all over the world, direct to the consumer, they sell both loose teas in a variety of sizes as well as tea bags. For this review I was sent a small selection of samples which I worked my way through to see what they were all about.

My samples were split into three categories of Herbal/Mint, Fruit and Earl Grey.

Not having had a good mint tea for a year or so, I decided to start here.

Opening the packet of loose peppermint tea I was immediately hit by the fresh aromas that came flooding out the packaging. Two teaspoons of tea was recommended for a cup and so I used 4 teaspoons for my teapot.

Allowing to steep for 5 mins, I poured the first cup. A gorgeous golden colour which was perfectly clear, the aroma signalled immediately that this was a quality tea. A soft and rounded flavour with a good minty hit. I sat and emptied the pot pretty quick. The first of these samples not only hit the spot, but got me straight onto the website to see what else I could order. But before I do, time to try a few of the others.

The Spearmint was just as good the peppermint tea, with it being a little more rounded and smoother than the harder hitting peppermint.

Other options in this pack included a relaxing Chamomile and a Lemongrass tea that is sweet and uplifting with a fairly delicate lemon flavour.

Next up I went for one of the fruity options and first out was Blood Orange. A fairly sweet option combining a colour hitting Hibiscus with the sweet tang of orange peel, rounded off with the finish of rose hips. A heaped teaspoon per cup and steeped for around 7 mins, resulted in a stunning looking fruit tea with a burst of flavour that matched, defiantly one I can sit back and get used to.

Other fruit options included Raspberry Patch, which swaps the orange peel for Raspberry and Apple pieces. Wild Strawberry which adds strawberry into the mix, while Berry Blast includes Blueberry and Cranberry’s.

Earl Grey was one of the first teas I started buying on a regular basis, but that stopped a number of years ago when travelling around the world, so its been sometime since I sat back and enjoyed one.

I start with the Earl Grey Bravo, which is a delicate black tea, with a hint or orange, which I enjoyed with just a touch of milk.

The Earl Grey Moonlight was the hit for me though, with its touch of Vanilla and bergamot, this was smooth and perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Not being a massive fan of green teas, the green earl grey wasn’t my favourite but was an interesting twist on this classic for anyone that likes the green varieties more.

Likewise the Rooibos (or RedBush) Earl Grey adds a citrus mix into this South African favorite.

Overall the teas I received from Adagio Teas were better than I had hoped for, the flavours were fresh and pleasant and I am already trawling through the website to see which others I should try, for example the Chai selection looks just out of this world.

Take a look at what they have yourselves at their website here.


Adagio sent me a selection of tea samples to try free of charge in return for feedback, the review and all comments and opinions are honest and those of Manchester Food Tourist


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  1. Adagio do so many amazing blends! If you ever want any recommendations I have loads of reviews on my blog just shoot me a message on Instagram and I’ll let you know my favourites

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