Gin Review:- Brockman’s Gin

I never know when and where I am going to come across a new gin and I don’t just mean new to the market, but new to me.

One such gin was Brockman’s Gin, which I tried during a visit to Three Wine Men in Manchester. It’s a gin produced by an independent producer based in Woking, Surrey.

Brockman’s comes in a very fetching black bottle, which draws you in, tempting you to try its inner delights.

Set up by founders Neil Everitt and Bob Fowkes together with 2 other friends, with the aim to create ‘a gin so smooth and sensual, you would want to drink it neat over ice’.

The gin is produced by steeping grain spirit with a number of key botanicals before slowly distilling in a copper still and bottled at 40% vol.

When you first open the bottle you get hit with the scent of berries, more subtle though are the Tuscan Juniper Berries that gently produce the unmistakable gin aroma.

I take a sip neat (Not from the bottle I hasten to add). The strong berry aroma definitely has prominence, with the resemblance of Ribena more than a gin, however this gives way to some juniper on the tongue. This isn’t a juniper strong gin by any stretch of the imagination, with some probably asking if that makes it a gin at all, but for me the juniper is definitely there in abundance if you can switch off from the sweet berry aroma.

The other ingredients add real complexity to this gin with a long but subtle finish, coriander and cinnamon add a touch of spice which lingers long after you finish drinking it and despite of its very sweet and floral nose, it is satisfactorily dry on the palette.

Next up I decide to mix 50ml of Brockman’s with a Mediterranean Fevertree and garnish with some dehydrated orange (Always good to have in the cupboard)

Cooled with a large ball of ice, the berry’s suddenly take a back seat, their sweetness balanced by the savoury rosemary within the tonic.

There is no overpowering flavours coming through, with all elements complimenting each other, resulting in a complex and well rounded drink that is ultra refreshing, the only trouble is, its far to easy to drink!

On first inspection, this gin may not appeal to traditional gin lovers, however after giving it a try, the strong fruity nose is just a mask it wears, under which is a beautifully crafted and complex gin, that should be ordered now, to enjoy in the sunshine which appears to be poking its head out just about now.

We all need a ray of sunshine in these dark times, so why not order yourself a bottle directly from them here – It’s even on sale right now!!!


Brockman’s Gin was sent to me to sample and review with no cost to myself, however like all gin reviews, the opinions are the sole and honest ones of ManchesterFood Tourist. Not all gins received are accepted for a slot in Gin of the Month, which are selected for their own uniqueness and deemed to be worthy.


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