NHS Covid 19 Appeal Watch Strap Launched

Every Thursday, we have been standing on our doorsteps applauding those that are on the frontline, putting themselves in danger to help those less fortunate.

As well as our thanks, the NHS also requires additional funding during this time, with many people helping where they can, from hoteliers providing rooms, to hire car companies providing transportation.

Those over at The Watch Strap Company in London have also tried to do their bit, by producing a stunning watch strap which not only shows your support, but also helps financially, with the profits going to the NHS Charities Covid 19 Appeal.

The watch is available in a stylish black leather, which will match anything you’re wearing and is designed to fit varied apple watches perfectly, not only that, but it also has a free downloadable watch face to match.

If you want to look the part as well as provide some additional funding at the same time, then you can get yours directly from them at just £69 by visiting there website here.


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