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In the Lancashire town of Hinckley, you’ll find a converted Victorian building, once part of the Brocklehurst Hosiery Company but that is now producing a sweet and delicate gin named Bond Street.

The Bond Street Distillery was founded by Sally Faulkner, when in 2018 she acquired the old Bond Street Glass premises. With a vision of entering the growing gin market, she set out to produce a gin that she describes as being able to appeal to even non gin drinkers.

Determined to break those ‘I don’t like gin’ types, she wanted to bring to market, a gin so smooth and easy drinking, that it would be able to convert even those that had previously shunned the spirit.

After lots of hard work and determination, in June 2019 a 700l copper still named ‘Claire’ arrived, who was finally fired up, producing her first batch in November 2019.

Excited to find out what had been produced for myself, I start off the tasting and in usual fashion, I pour a small measure to try neat.

On the nose the usual warmth of Juniper is experienced first, combined with a softly sweet citrus and a hint of woody pine.

On the palette the gin is full of body with orange blossom making a noticeable appearance, which then gives way to a spicy tone from the coriander before tapering of to a long floral and subtly spicy finish, which is sweet like liquorice.

At 40% proof, I would expect more burn, but it feels exceptionally smooth and definitely ticks the box as a sipping gin.

Next I mix as a Gin and Tonic. With no light tonic in the house during lockdown, I experimented with what I had available.

Mixing with Elderflower it failed to impress, however when I changed to Fever-Tree Mediterranean it lifted to a whole new level.

The woody rosemary complimented this gin and bought in a new depth of flavour with the orange blossom holding its own, but with a more subtle finish.

Finally I thought I’d see how it stood up to Lemon Tonic. The result was stunning. A cool long drink, perfect for the 25 degrees heat I was sitting in. Fresh and Zingy the subtle spiciness really bared its teeth in this mixture to create some real complexity.

Overall I found Bond Street Distillery Gin to be very versatile. Smooth enough to sip over ice as well as pronounced enough for making a great G&T. Definitely one worth a buy.

You can grab yours direct from them right now by visiting their website here.


Bond Street Distillery Gin was sent to me as a sample to try out and review. The post and all thoughts are the sole and honest opinion of Manchester Food Tourist


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