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*The wines in the review were sent to me to try and review free of charge, the review and the opinions within are those off Manchester Food Tourist and are honest.

I have been a wine lover for many years, but its only in recent years that I have started to broaden my horizons and try new things.

Sitting my WSET level 2 last year got me trying a few more wines from new regions or just new grape varieties. Then during lockdown I started taking part in a number of online wine tastings which was eye opening.

I have recently sat my WSET Level 3, which really does stretch your wine knowledge further and if nothing else has made me want to try a lot more in the way of varietal wines.

I have found the best way to break away from your usual tastes, is to order wine blind, through subscriptions or direct from wine makers and so when I was asked if I would like to review a trio of wines from online retailer DrinkIt, it was right up my street.

Their aim is to try and help vineyards that have suffered in the current climate, as well as to help wine enthusiasts like them, to discover some new wonders.

DrinkIt sell wine in a category rather than by the bottle, with the one they wanted me to try called the Piedmont Box.

Priced at £39.95 it contains 3 bottles of wine from the Italian region, famous for the likes of Borolo and Gavi, however at time of ordering all I know is that the three bottles come for a producer in the region.

The Piedmont Box from DRINKIT

Working my way seamlessly through the DrinkIt website I place my order, which is delivered promptly the next working day.

On opening I spot a familiar Gavi a Barbera d’asti and a Sparkling Wine, all three produced by Cosseti. A company that has been producing wine since the year my house was built (1891).

The Gavi was typically high acid and crisp with green apple bursting through on the palatte and more than acceptable for its price bracket.

Being a bold Borolo fan, I would never usually go for a Barbera d’asti, however I found it surprisingly tasty. Dark in colour it was light bodied and bursting with sour cherry and raspberry.

Finally I tried the sparking wine, produced with Pinot Noir and Cortese (As used to make Gavi), it is made using the Charmat method as used to make Prosecco.

This wine was probably my favorite. An elegant mousse with a clean and crisp finish, this wine exhibits some of the yeast aromas not normally found in a Prosecco. As I can’t drink it all at once, I seal using my Avina champagne stopper, which helps to preserve those bubbles.

For me wine is now a journey of discovery and a company like DrinkIt is perfectly placed to deliver new wines to explore at a very reasonable price.


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