Gin Review – Mackintosh Gin

So here it is, International Scottish Gin Day 2020, and what else could I do but review another fine Scottish Gin.

As I sit here today, the bars of Manchester are closed due to tier 3 Covid restrictions – so rather then sitting in a bar enjoying various great deals on Scottish Gin, I am sitting at home and enjoying it instead.

I have heard lots about the guys at Mackintosh, who engage fabulously with their followers on social media, however I had never tried the spirit for myself. That was until a fellow gin lover on twitter, Pam at Sipping and Styling, very kindly sent me a sample of their Old Tom and Navy strength versions.

I was bowled over by their navy strength, so just had to grab a bottle of their original gin to try it properly for myself as well.

Distilled by Jim and Deborah Mackintosh in Angus, the label of the gin embraces their cultural roots, with a simple Lovers Knot symbol, which is found carved into a 9th century Pictish stone in Meigle, not far from the couple’s home, taking pride of place on the bottle.

Using 9 botanicals, Mackintosh is a Juniper led gin, with the addition of Grapefruit and Elderflower bringing in Citrus and Floral notes respectively.

On the nose, it is what I would describe as a simple gin. The juniper is full and rounded, with very subtle hints of floral from the elderflower, and a woody, earthy tone to it as well.

On the palette, you are hit with fruity Juniper leading to a citrus sweet finish which lingers on the tongue for a suitable long time. At 42% ABV this is a heavy duty gin and has a great mouthfeel.

Being a very traditional style of gin, I mix with a light tonic, and a large ball of ice garnished with an orange slice.

Clean, Clear and Honest is how I describe it. A pure, crisp taste of Juniper delight, with the other botanicals helping to balance, but not overwhelm. If you are a fan of a traditional London Dry G&T then this is definately one for your gin shelf.

Mackintosh Gin is available to buy directly from themselves here.


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