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It’s been a tough year, with the hospitality sector being hit especially hard. But those in the business of gin have been standing up time and time again and helping out where they can.

Many gin producers helped in the first wave of Covid, by switching their production over to produce hand sanitiser, firstly for the NHS and then to the public.

Now in our second lockdown, our fabulous gin friends are looking at other ways to help out.

A few of my favorite gin producers are doing their bit.

Thunderflower are raffling Bottle 1 of Batch 1

Firstly the fabulous Thunderflower Gin. They recently launched their second gin, a navy strength which uses some of same botanicals as their first gin with the addition of a few new. It is also distilled to navy strength, a whopping 58% ABV. It packs a real flavour punch to match the volume.

I am a huge fan of this warm spicy gin with a beautiful cardamom and all spice hit. They’ve named it Fire Ship and they kept bottle 1 of batch 1 back as a raffle prize. You get one entry for every £5 donated to Hospitality Action via their JustGiving page here.

Next up comes a fabulous collaboration between local gin producers Defiance Gin and Cuckoo Gin, both of which got positive reviews right here on Manchester Food Tourist.

The humorous Suck It Up Gin also has a serious side

Joining with the number one Gin Bar here in Manchester – The Atlas Bar, they have produced Suck It Up Gin.

Born from a row that broke out between Apprentice star Claude Littner and and Manchester Restaurant owner Simon Wood on TV’s Good Morning Britain, where Claude told Simon to ‘Just suck it up’ during a discussion about the challenges facing hospitality.

The trio have launched the tongue in cheek gin which they state is ‘distilled with a bunch of bitter lemons and a sprinkle of northern resolve’ and allows up all to raise a glass and ‘Suck It Up’

However on a serious note, they are donating £5 to Hospitality Action for every bottle sold. You can get yours here.

Having tried both of this gins, they are more than just a way of raising money for a great charity. From the spicy wonder of Thunderflower FireShip to the citrus delight of Suck It Up Gin. Both are gins that you would want on your gin shelf with full review of both very likely to be coming soon right here!


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