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It’s been a while since we have been able to go out and eat and so with the slow relaxation of restrictions, which mean you can now dine outdoors, I thought it time to make a booking and try somewhere new.

Bakehouse 32 has taken over the site at 1116 Chester Road, a stones through from Stretford Foodhall and in the site previously used by the fabulous Samirs, which like many was a casualty of the lockdowns.

I truly hope that Samirs returns in some form as was a firm favorite of locals and those further away. However with the site sitting empty, in stepped Bakehouse 32.

Opening at the end of last year for collection and then onto the Shocal for local deliveries, Bakehouse 32 (Then under a different name), offered up true New York style pizza.

Having sat under a bridge in Brooklyn eating pizza not too many years ago, it bought back images of a thin based, flavoursome crusted goodness, topped with amazing flavours that you fold in half and enjoy with your hands.

Now with outdoors dining allowed, Bakehouse 32 have renovated the back area, installing decking and heaters, so on week 1 of opening back up, we made the 5 min walk from our house to try it out.

The terrace looks beautiful and having seen the pictures on their instagram, looks even cosier at night with the lighting and heaters.

The staff were friendly and ordering, like we are now all used to, was via a QR code on the table that took your to the Goodeats website, where ordering is quick and easy.

One negative was that they only offer 1 option of Red and 1 option of White Wine, which is all well and good, especially when the white option was a definition Gavi. The downside was that on completing the order it stated that they were out of stock, so no white wine was available and this was at 17:35. This meant India, who doesn’t drink red wine or beer had no option but to settle for a soft drink.

Pepperoni and Hot Honey

I ordered the Pepperoni and Hot Honey (£9) and India the Margherita (£8) and it wasn’t long before the freshly made pizza was being bought to our table.

The crust was soft and bubbly and the pepperoni and cheese was glistening in the sunshine from the hot honey.

It wasn’t huge slices as in New York, but still big enough to grab and fold over before taking a mouthful.

The dough was full of flavour and a pleasure to eat, the rich tomato flavour combined with spicy pepperoni and the sweetness from the hot honey went so well that it wasn’t long until it had all gone (with help from India obviously)

Índias Margherita was equally delicious, with the tomato and cheese topped with some fresh basil leaves.

It’s great to have somewhere else in Stretford to stroll to and enjoy and even better you can also have the option of ordering and collecting or deliver through Shocal.

As well as the pizzas, they also offer up some bread and pastry options and even a Burnt Basque Cheesecake.

You can find their menu on Goodeats or check out their social media here.


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