Find the right wine for the right occasion with Peoples Choice Drinks Awards

A few years back I stumbled across The People’s Choice Wine Awards and was immediately interested in its format.

The awards are designed to be by the people, for the people, with the first round of judging carried out by passionate wine drinking members of the public, like me!

Judging in more normal times

Taking part as a Round 1 Judge in 2018, I was asked back to assist in the Round 2 judging as a ‘supertaster’. I was honoured to be amongst some real wine experts who were part of the Round 2 judges’ including Amelia Singer of The Wine Show. It was this that spurred me on to sit some formal training in the way of the WSET.

I have continued my judging journey with People’s Choice since that point and have been delighted to see the awards grow and grow.

Wine judged for all occasions

The judging in 2020 took a massive twist with the introduction of social distancing measures, but not only did its founder, Janet Harrison manage to measure out and distribute the wines to judges for scoring, at small events or at home, but they also expanded the awards to include spirits. This also meant that I got to judge some amazing gin too.

Award Ceremony on 2019 when times were a little more ‘Social’

The growth hasn’t stopped there and their website now includes an exciting search facility that directly connecting finalists, gold commended and winning wines with consumers.

The New Search Facility on Peoples Choice Drink Awards

Whats so great about this search, is that instead of searching for a particular wine, you simply search for an occasion.

Listed the same format as the award categories themselves, you can search occasions such as:-

  • Asian Cuisine
  • Celebration
  • Easy Weekday
  • Hearty Wines
  • Mindful Drinking
  • Night In
  • Out Of The Ordinary
  • Outdoors

Each of the listed wines is listed along with judges comments, so you know what to expect, along with where it can be purchased.

This new exciting feature will help consumers like me choose wines for a specific occasion with ease, while being safe in the knowledge that it was scored highly by fellow wine drinkers.

Spirit lovers do not be disheartened however, as this feature will also be extended to the Spirits Awards at next year awards.

If you haven’t already, check out the wines here.

Submissions for wines and spirits open again in October for the 2022 awards and with even more categories there is no reason not to be entering your wines and spirits.


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