Gin Review:- Shetland Reel

A week today (October 2), is the third International Scottish Gin Day and I am honoured to have been part of the great team of official supporters, all of which you can read more about on the International Scottish Gin Day website here.

In honour of this great day, I have been drinking and posting Scottish Gins from my gin shelf on my twitter feed through the last couple of weeks, something I will continue to do right up to the big day itself. As part of this lead up, I also recently reviewed Lin Gin, which you can read here.

One gin that has sat on my shelf for a short while without being opened and reviewed is a gorgeous little looking bottle from Shetland Reel.

Shetland Reel Original uses a number of common botanicals, which are added to with the inclusion of Apple Mint which is grown in Unst, which they claim gives it an authentic flavour of Shetland.

The nose this gin is quite light, with classic juniper and light coriander note coming through, citrus peel is also clearly present, but quite subdued as is the lightest hit of menthol.

On the palate neat, it is crisp and clean with complexity. First I get a hint of spicy coriander seed on the tongue, then juniper follows with a slight citrus note. As I move around my mouth the spice continues with a hint of cassia, which is quickly followed up with a striking note of mint which continues to linger with a refreshing yet reasonably long finish.

Mixed with a light tonic, the apple mint tends to shine through slightly more as does the lemon peel creating a light and refreshing G&T.

I love the colouring of these bottles, which help them to stand out on the gin shelf

I have two other Shetland Reel Gins on my shelf, one of which I still haven’t opened, so I’m excited to see what the different elements bring top both Simmer and Ocean Mist.

Name:- Shetland Reel

Price: £36 (70cl)

Proof: 43% abv

Buy From:- Shetland Reel is one of many gins available to by from The Gin Cooperatives website, which you can access here


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