Gin Review: Hrafn Valkyrie Gin

Today is International Scottish Gin Day, a fabulous day that celebrates all Scottish Gins and its something I’ve been very proud to support since its inception a few years ago.

I couldn’t therefore let today pass without posting a new review of a gin that until this week, I had never tried before. So here is my review of Hrafn Valkyrie Gin

For those that don’t know, a Valkyrie is a mythological female creature who are said to choose those who are slain in battle, where they are then taken to an afterlife hall of the slain known as Valhalla (Also the name of another Hrafn Gin).

I have to admit, that I only know this from watching Lost Girl on TV, the story of a Succubus, which is another mythical female said to seduce men in their dreams – its amazing what you can learn from trash tv!

Anyway, back to the gin itself. Valkyrie is said to be a lighter gin from Hrafn that combines traditional botanicals with Jara Fruit, to create a more modern take on the classic London Dry.

Ravens are said to accompany Valkyrie’s in Norse mythology

Jara lemons originate from Bangladesh and are very aromatic and sweet, and having a somewhat sour flavour, added as a botanical it brings a real citrus freshness.

On the nose the gin is definitely citrus forward and has a super sharp lemon and lime which is somewhat energising, along with fresh juniper that is also singing out the glass.

Tried neat the citrus elements continue to shine almost like a lemon sour but with a twist of lime thrown in. Juniper follows through onto the palette which then leads to a slightly earthy and spicy finish. The element of lemon and lime sits on the lips for some time.

Perfect served with a light tonic and twist of lemon

Mixed with a light tonic the citrus notes continue, but in a less concentrated and more refreshing way. The lemon seems to sparkle like a lemon sorbet. The juniper is combines with it perfectly. The finish is pleasingly bitter, possibly from the Cubeb Pepper and lingers with a touch of cinnamon and coriander seed. Despite being an overwhelmingly citrus forward gin, it remains complex with each mouthfeel bringing something new.

This is my first try of a Hrafn Gin and I am pleasantly surprised – I think I choose well with the Valkyrie but who knows…. Have you tried a Hrafn Gin? I’d love to get your thoughts!

And as it is International Scottish Gin Day, they have even offered a 10% discount off their brand new winter edition (Although I feel it needs a Nordic winter name – maybe the Norse god of winter Ullr) – to get the discount simply head to there website and use code ISGD21 – only valid in October 2021

Name:- Hrafn Gin – Valkyrie

Price:- £37 (70cl)

Proof:- 43% abv

Buy From:- Hrafn Gin Shop or The Gin Cooperative


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