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The last couple of years has changed everybody’s lives in numerous ways. For me, I count myself lucky to have my health and a job I enjoy, however recently, due to staffing cuts, my work load has increased so much that it seems to have taken over my life. Even when I’m not at work, its on my mind and as a result my pages seem to have suffered.

So today, with a gin in hand, I get back to doing what I enjoy – telling others about some of the fantastic products out there for us all too enjoy. Because taking time out and relaxing is important, so switch off from work and enjoy a little rest and relaxation.

With International Scottish Gin Day creeping up on us (It’s the 2nd October for those that didn’t know), I’m thrilled to have experienced yet another great gin from Scotland, who are the only place I know who seemed to have suffered even more lockdowns that Manchester!

LinGin is the child of Ross and Alyson Jamieson, who’s aim was to produce a gin with a local influence, which is something that I absolutely applaud.

LinGin contains 12 ingredients, which includes 8 traditional botanicals and 3 botanicals that they keep secret. One of the known ingredient is meadowsweet, which they hand forage from the areas in Linlithgow. The botanical brings a floral element to their gin. As well as the Meadowsweet, it also contains the base botanicals of many gins such as juniper, coriander and cassia bark.

The bottle is a new design which was launched on the 26th July 2021 and features some of the towns most iconic landmarks and uses a striking jade colouring.

The distillery name is embossed into the shoulder of the bottle and underneath you can see the firms logo.

Opening and pouring the gin, the aromas are pronounced. On the nose it is sweet with a citrus note shining through. This is followed up with notes of vanilla or almond, which is most probably from the meadowsweet. Finally I get a hit of spicy coriander seed.

Sipped neat, the spices in this gin really come through. The distinct flavour of coriander seed comes to the forefront, followed by the earthy and slightly sweet spice of the cassia. Juniper is also present in abundance, shouting that this is a classic gin.

The firms logo cleverly incorporated into the bottom of the bottle

Mixing with a light tonic, the citrus elements of the gin shine through a little more, along side a good helping of fresh herbaceous notes with a beautifully spicy finish that is long and luscious.

LinGin is a truly classic style gin with perfect balance, it can be enjoyed as a classic G&T with light tonic and a sprig of rosemary or as part of a perfect martini.

Although their gin shouts classic, Lin Gin have recently launched some new gins called LinGin Colours, each with a twist, these are:-

  • Yellow – Yuzu
  • Green – Lime
  • Pink – Raspberry
  • Blue – Coconut

These new gins sound divine and with coloured bottles that would look great on any gin shelf, check them all out for yourself here.

Name:- LinGin

Price: £38 (70cl)

Proof: 43% abv

Buy From:- Linlithgow Distillery


I was sent Lin Gin as a gift, to try and give feedback. The review is the sole thoughts and opinions of Manchester Food Tourist and is as always honest


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