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I’m always on the look out for new and exciting products that have connections with food or travel, however sometimes I get tempted to try a product that isn’t actually that new.

Apples AirTag is one such item. It’s been around for over a year, however it only recently peaked my interest, due to 2 reasons. Firstly, because I am only just getting back to travel properly again since lockdowns and secondly, because of all the reports of lost luggage in airports around the world.

Sitting in the Airport Lounge, I can see my bag is sitting at the gate

With a few overseas trips booked, I decided to purchase a single AirTag and see how it operated when placed inside my checked luggage.

But before I let you know how I got on, lets take a look at how this little gizmo works.

The AirTag works by sending out a bluetooth signal with travels approximately 30 ft, this is then picked up by your apple device which tells you how far away it is and in which direction.

This may sound a little useless, as its not long until your luggage is way more than 30ft away, but fear not, The real magic of the AirTag, is Apples very own mesh network.

When my bag hadn’t come through, I could relax in the knowledge that it was on the Island with me.

A mesh network is created, when lots of devices all communicate together, producing its own version of the internet. If an AirTag is within 30ft of ANY apple device, which is connected to the iCloud, that device lets the iCloud know where it is, meaning its range is infinite.

When not in luggage, the AirTag can act as a key ring to keep track of keys

When it comes to luggage, it continually gets pinged by the phones and watches of staff at the airport, including luggage handlers, which means you’ll always know where your luggage is, or at very least, where it was last seen.

Apple engrave their products free of charge when ordered directly

I took my AirTag and placed it in my luggage before checking it in. When through security, I checked to see where it was. I was impressed to see it close to the gates, seemingly waiting to be loaded onto the plane when it arrived.

Whilst sitting on the plane, I even got a notification telling me that my luggage was with me!

Onboard the plane, the AirTag confirms that my bag has been loaded

On arrival and once inside the airport building, I opened my iPhone and looked to see where my luggage was. I could see that it had already been taken off the plane and was in the baggage handling area, in fact i could even use the find my feature to head in the right direction to collect my bag!

On Arrival at Schiphol, I can see that my bag is also there

I’ve been very fortunate and have always had my bag turn up when travelling, however having previously worked in travel, I know of 100’s of people that have turned up, but their bags haven’t. On occasions it has taken quite some time to try and locate where the bag may be. Whilst the AirTag wont stop a bag from going missing, it can help to reduce the stress of wondering if it has turned up or not!


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