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If you are still short of last minute ideas for Christmas, then here’s a few of my tips, ideal for anyone that loves to travel!


A universal adapter is usually always required when travelling, and with so many electronics being taken away with you, those with USB are a great idea.

Even better is one that has both USB-A and USB-C – meaning that you have plenty of charging options for all your devices.

One such option is the iBlockCube available from Amazon at around £25


Headphones are always a great thing to have on trips away, either for using laying around the pool, or while on board a flight.

AirPod Pros not only give a decent amount of battery life, but also have a good standard of noise cancellation, for reducing the airplane engine drone!

AirPod Pros are not cheap though, with the 2nd generation costing £249

Travel Towel

We have been using Dock and Bay towels for a number of years now, not only are the bright and comfortable to use on the beach or sun loungers, but they are incredible light and compact, so perfect for packing in your suitcase.

Available from Dock and Bay at £25


If you’ve invested in some decent headphones, you may want to use them with the onboard entertainment system, and to do so, you will need a bluetooth device to plug in to it.

Ive used an older version for a couple of years, which you simply plug into the socket for the headphones onboard your flight and then connect to your own headphones via its bluetooth connection – no more wires and a much better sound than those the airlines usually offer!

The latest AirFly it’s available from Amazon for around £50

Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle is more useful than you may think. Take an empty bottle through airport security and you will find a number of places that you can fill your bottle once airside, ready for onboard the flight.

In addition, a bottle that keeps your water cool for a long period, is ideal for when on the beach or sunbathing. Ive recently purchased one from Chilly, and it’s really does keep your water cool, even when I use it in the steamroll or sauna, where I find the options sports lid really useful.

Chilly Water bottles are available from the Chillys Website and cost around £26


A great stocking filler here, but don’t underestimate its worth.

SteriPods are little cocoons that you clip over the head of your toothbrush, and they have a double benefit.

Firstly, the cocoon helps to protect your toothbrush head from collecting additional bacteria between uses, with an active vapour inside to help sterilise.

In addition, the cocoon stops the head from being crushed and misshaped during travel – who wouldn’t love one of these for their next trip!!

A double pack is available at most major supermarkets, for around £5

Priority Pass Membership

If like me, you want to escape the madness of the airport departure terminal, then use of a business lounge is an absolute godsend. So why not treat someone to the use of lounges worldwide with an annual membership with Priority Pass. Whilst UK airports quite often say they have no space, they are a great thing for accessing various lounges around the world on your return home.

Memberships vary and start from £69 for an annual membership.


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