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I’ve been judging Wines and Spirits for around the last 5 years, and doing so doesn’t only help to keep your senses tuned, but also exposes you to lots of new and exciting products on the market.

One of the recent judging panels that I was involved in, was for The Gin Cooperative Awards and one of the multi award winners of that judging was Foghouse Gin.

Produced by Foghouse Spirits, this gin is produced in small batches of just 300 bottles, and those bottles themselves are pretty good looking things.

The name derives from the name given to a kind of summer house, typically found on large Scottish estates, a place where people can go to escape from the hustle of everyday life, unwind and reflect.

The gin is Mediterranean in style and uses wormwood, rosemary and almond amongst its botanicals.

On the nose, the Mediterranean herbs are abundant as is the warming juniper, I also get a salinity that reminds me of a dirty martini.

On the palette you get a delicious creaminess from the almond and a saltiness from the olives, which truly compliments the rosemary. Also on the palate, you get a delicious bitterness from the wormwood, which is also reported to aid digestion.

Mixed with a light tonic, this gin really comes alive, which is probably why it won the gold award in the Scottish Gin and Tonic Category (Along with Silver in the New Scottish Gin Award, Gold in the Scottish Distilled Gin Award as well as the Gold in the Community Judges Award).

The elements blend beautifully and that slightly salty/bitter finish makes you want to take another sip, and then another – you get the picture.

It’s getting harder and harder to find a gin that is different, however this one has not only stood out, but is also one of the best new gins I’ve tried this year.

I would definitely urge you to give this one a try!

Name:- Foghouse Gin

Price:- £38.99 (70cl)

Proof:- 42% Abv

Buy From:-


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