Gin Review:- Downpour Gin

I have to admit, that at times, just like everyone else, I am drawn towards a gin, not because of what I’ve heard, but because of how it looks.

Let’s be honest, we all like an attractive bottle sitting on our gin shelf, and my next gin definitely fell into this category.

Long before I ever tried Downpour, it was in my list, due to its stunning blue bottle with its clever ‘downpour’ embossed design.

Thankfully however, I got to try what was on the inside, before I bought it, and I am glad to report, that its contents matches the beautiful bottle.

Downpour is produced by the North Uist Distillery Company and is citrus lead, with notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit, with undertones of Hebridean heather.

Started in 2019, the company is run by Kate and Jonny, who are from the outer Hebrides and wanted to create something exciting and new.

On the palette, the flavours are bold and fruity. The juniper balances wonderfully with the citrus and floral notes, with just a hint of spice on the finish.

The abundance of natural oils, not only give a great mouthfeel, but also louche with the addition of tonic, which for me is a good sign of quality botanicals. This mouthfeel is added to by the generous abv of 46%, although you might not realise it’s that strong when you sip it.

Mixed as a gin and tonic, Downpour continues to be a pleaser, with this being a real ‘gin lovers’ delight and not for those sitting on the fence.

If you like your gin to give a punch of quality juniper, combined with lots of citrus and blossom, then Downpour is one for you!

Name:- Downpour Gin

Price:- £40 (70cl)

Proof:- 46% abv

Buy From:- North Uist Distillery Website


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