Cuban Brunch – Revs Manchester

A Message from Revolution de Cuba asking if I would like to test out their new weekend Brunch Menu came through, well it would be rude to at least not try it.

Having only entered the establishment after a few or more beverages, it was very different to be walking in on a Sunday Lunch time.

Shown to a large table we were handed the new Brunch Menu that consists of 9 Breakfast style items, including Porridge Brulee, Avocado Toast and Spanish Omelette.

One of the group opted for the Brekkie Burrito, stuffed with Sausage, Egg, Refried Beans, Jalapeños and Cheese, It looked good, but for me could have done with more of a Chilli Bite.

One of the group went for the trusted Full Brekkie. Pretty standard here and something that you can grab at 100’s of places throughout the city.

I think I choose the best option, Cubano Benedict. Using Pulled Pork and Crispy Potatoes, this really livened up this dish and was a pleasure to eat, definitely worth visiting for this.

Overall the food was average to good, depending on the dish, the service however was a little lacking, having to ask 3 times for one drink.

I did however like the presentation of simple things such as the coffee (Thanks to Dry Jan)

I would probably not make a journey into town just to visit here to eat, however if I was passing, I may just nip in for the Benedict again.

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