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For far too long, black garlic has been the ingredient of fine dining restaurants, a hint of luxury and a treasured ingredient alongside other pleasures such as Truffle.

It wasn’t until I started to use the stuff at home that I realised just how versatile and easy it was to use.


Balsajo were offering some samples of their product a while back, so I jumped at the chance to try it. Not a sample to blog about, but just because they were offering anyone that wanted to try it the chance to.

I have now been using their Black Garlic for around a year and to be honest, I am not sure what I would do without it anymore.

Black Garlic may sound a bit weird and wacky, especially when you’re told it’s aged browned Garlic!! Made by gently heating the garlic bulbs for several weeks, which turns the bulbs black.

The texture of these bulbs is soft and almost jelly like, with a sweet and almost balsamic taste.


I first used some chopped up Balsajo Black Garlic in dishes that I would use garlic in anyway, such as mince meat dishes with Pasta.

I then used it as a garnish – because the taste is subtle, and not like raw garlic, it was perfect for this.


The cloves can also be mixed up into a paste, alternatively Balsajo also sell a Black Garlic Paste, which I found perfect for smothering over a chicken before roasting, giving an amazing flavour, not just outside but through out the meat. Again it was subtle and sweet and definitely not overpowering.


It goes so well with Roast Potatoes too.


I have started to add this Black Garlic to many dishes, either in addition to normal garlic, or in dishes where I would never use Garlic, its versatility is amazing.

If you have never tried it, you need to – Check them out here


Balsajo sent the Black Garlic to be tried free of charge – the review is my own and is, as always an honest and personal opinion.


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