St Ewes Eggs – Frittata Challenge

Eggs are a staple in our house, and I always buy free range. Even better if I know exactly where they came from, so when I was sent some eggs from St Ewes to compete in a Frittata Challenge, I was more than happy to give them a try.


St Ewes eggs are all free range and I’m a firm believer that a happy hen will lay the tastiest eggs.


With their eggs collected by hand and based in the Cornish countryside, St Ewes sell a a range of different eggs, not just Med and Large, but some mixed smaller than usual eggs and some enhanced through the hens feed. The eggs I’m trying are from their Rich Yolk Range. These have a deep orange yolk, perfect for pasta or cakes due to their beautiful colour, caused by the type of feed the hens eat.

You can read more about St Ewes Eggs here

As part of the Tried and Tested Frittata Challenge, to produce a ‘Best of British’ frittata to be served on the ‘Worlds Smallest Food Truck’ the little 2CV called Dolly, I produced two slightly different Frittata’s, using only the Best of British ingredients – make sure you read more about Dolly here,

Frittata One – Asparagus, Mint, Tomato and Cheese 

On cracking the eggs, you can immediately see the beautiful colour of the yolks, that after mixing still do not change.


I mix 2 eggs and add a little Salt and Pepper.


I strip some Mint Leaves, fresh from the Garden, mint is at its best throughout May, when the leaves are still young and sweet. For stripping the leaves, I use a little gadget sent to me by Tried and Tested. Simply pull the stalks through the Kale and Herb Stripper by Dexam, strips off the leaves in seconds, a major time-saving device. If interested, these can be purchased directly from Dexam here


I chop some red and yellow tomatoes. I have chosen British as this is a British Frittata Challenge and where better than Thanet Earth – A Kent based grower who double their huge greenhouses up to produce electricity for the national grid!


Next I chop some British Wye Valley Asparagus, like the Mint, this is Asparagus season, so has to be used in the challenge. I cover in olive oil, salt and pepper. Rolling them around to ensure they are evenly seasoned. I griddle these for approx 3 mins on each side til they are charred and slightly tender, these can then be placed to one side.

I mix the tomatoes and chopped mint in with the egg mixture and pour into a preheated single size pan. and stir through to help cook the mixture all the way through. when almost cooked, but still soft on top, I remove and add the Asparagus and small chucks of Lancashire Cheese.


I then place the pan into a preheated oven (180 Fan) for around 5 mins until the cheese melts and the top is set.


As this is a seasonal dish, I decided to pair it with some Buttered Jersey Rolls.

This is a perfect late spring recipe with Asparagus just becoming ready and the mint is still young and fresh, the light and creamy Lancashire Cheese works so well with these flavours, as does the sweetness of the small cherry tomatoes.

Marmite Twist

To really top of the dish and make it that extra bit special, I like to glaze the top before putting in the oven with a glaze made of hot water and Marmite – it gives it a salty and umami flavour. However it is still tasty without if you’re not a Marmite fan.

Frittata Two – Asparagus, Spring Onion, New Potato and Cheese

For my second Frittata, I went a little more traditional, No Marmite or Mint flavours in this one, instead kept with some other Spring Flavours.


I What better time to make a Spring Frittata, than in the sunshine on a beautiful May Bank Holiday weekend.


I slice the spring onion and asparagus and fry gently in some butter. When starting to soften, I add some sliced (Pre-Cooked) Jersey Royals.

Mix 2-3 Eggs and beat until the  mixture is light and fluffy, add a handful of grated Lancashire cheese, a pinch of salt and a half a teaspoon of English Mustard. The mustard just lifts the flavour of the cheese, which is subtle and creamy.


Pour the Egg mixture into the pan and cook gently until the bottom is cooked, you can tell this as the sides start to lift away from the pan.


Place the pan under a hot Grill and cook for approx 3 mins, the top will expand due to the air in the mixture. I give the frittata a little wobble every now and again as I want it only just set, not dry in the middle.


The finished Frittata is silky smooth, with a clean and spring garden flavour. I spinkled with a little parsley picked straight from the Garden to finish.

You’ll Need

2-3 Eggs Per Frittata, 1/2 Spring Onion (Sliced), 1/2 Asparagus (Sliced), 1 Jersey Royal (Pre-Cooked and Sliced), 25g Lancashire Cheese (Grated), 1/2 tsp English Mustard, British Butter for Frying.



*As a Tried and Tested Panel member, I was sent the eggs and the Kale and Heb stripper to test at home. The reviews are my own and honest opinions.




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