12 Gifts Of Christmas Pt 5 – Wine Lovers Gift


We all know a wine lover – other than myself of course! I know quite a few and they are easy people to buy for, but rather then a bottle of wine (Which is ALWAYS very welcome too), how about a gift idea that is great for wine lovers, but also lasts way into the new year?!

You may think of a decanter, which is definitely a gift that a wine lover would love. The problem with decanting wine however, is that unless you plan ahead, you may get in from work, open a bottle and then have to wait an hour for it to breathe.


That’s where the Savisto Wine Aerator comes in.

The simple, yet very effective devise, is designed to aerate your wine, while you actually pour it.

By pouring the wine into the top of the aerator, it causes a vacuum that sucks in air and mixes it with the wine, before coming out the bottom and into your glass.

The aeration process helps to open the wine up, softening the Tannin’s and creating a more enjoyable glass of wine – and is an amazing gift at under a tenner!!


Not only that, but the aerator also comes with its only mesh filter, so you also won’t end up with sediment in your glass either – win/win!!

If your looking for a gift for that  ‘Wine Lover’ in your Life, then check them out on amazon here

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