12 Gifts Of Christmas – Pt 6 – The Coffee Lover – Gift Idea from Two Chimps Coffee


There seem’s to be a pattern here – yet another foodie gift idea featuring something that I couldn’t live without.

Earlier in the year I wrote a series looking at the options available for coffee lovers when away from home. It was in that quest, that I came across a one cup drip filter.

These beauties have changed my life in a major way. Gone are the days that I have to suffer with bad coffee when working away from home, or when travelling. Instead I take my own coffee with me and one of these little things to make it in.

Size 2 – One Cup Filter

One cup filters are so simple to use. Simple put in a filter paper – fill with your favourite ground coffee and top with water just off the boil.

This method is pretty much the same as a filter coffee machine, without the need for a machine. I have used it contently when working away and I have even taken it away on holiday with me, for a great tasting coffee every morning.

My first gift idea for any coffee lover is one of these beauties, which I can guarantee will be much appreciated. Size one filters make 1 cup of coffee, however as I prefer a mug, I use the larger Size 2.

A one cup filter however is no good without some great coffee to put in it and one of my newest finds comes from those over at Two Chimps Coffee.


Two Chimps coffee roast daily, with their beans coming from a number of ethically sourced destinations. Their beans come in a number of different varieties, with the first one I tried being ‘Ready Set Bananas’ This is a Costa Rican Single Origin, which is subtly fruity and bursting with flavour.


Next up came ‘The Cats Pyjamas’ which is a single origin coffee from Guatemala. For me this name made me think of a morning coffee, however for me personally it was the complete opposite. This is a warm and cosy coffee that you don’t have to be in your pyjama’s to enjoy, but which creates a warm hug in a mug. Its full of flavour but not too strong, has a sweet chocolate edge to it and an almost nutty finish. Be warned its very moreish.

‘The Tiny Horse’ was next up – this is one of my favourites from Two Chimps. A slightly stronger single origin from El Salvador. It has a baked biscuit characteristic with a citrus undertone.


‘How Many Is A Brazilian’ is my last test – A  really good coffee, which is good at any time of day – Dark, Strong but very smooth and easy drinking.

Coffees come in Sample, 250g, 500g and 1Kg Packs

Two Chimps Coffee has really found some amazing single origin coffees from around the world, as well as choosing your coffee, you also get to choose your pack size and also the perfect grind for your method of making coffee.

A great option as a gift, is a Gift Subscription. These allow you to tailor the gift to your personal requirements – you can choose the frequency of the delivery, the grind (Depending on how the coffee is made), the size of the pack and you can either opt for a certain style of coffee or allow the delivery to be a complete mystery – which also opens the chances of finding something completely new.

If you are, or you know a lover of coffee, then these really are a great Christmas Gift Idea – and did I mention, that’s it only just over 8 weeks left to go before the big day.

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