12 Gifts Of Christmas Pt 8 – Cider Lover – Cider Ideas from Lyme Bay Winery

When you think of Cider, it immediately brings on images of the West Country and Scrumpy, and whilst popularity of cider has grown and grown, so has the number of companies producing second-rate products.

If you are thinking of buying a gift of the lover of this stuff, well how do you know you’re getting them something special.

You could sign them up for a subscription box, where you get lots of different bottles to try, however recent experiences of these have not been great – finding some of the products bland and boring – but luckily for you, I think I have struck gold!


Jack Ratt Ciders are produced in the west country, using only locally sourced and juicy apples, to produce a range of ciders that have won numerous awards.

They produce the usual traditional vintage ciders and scrumpy – but its their new kid on the block that I tried and loved.

Their newly launched ‘Ammonite’ Range consists of three uniquely different ciders. They are subtly flavoured to give any cider lover something not just different, but special.


Jack Ratt with Hops – a fresh tasting cider, with a slightly beer like taste and a citrus aftertaste. Its light and refreshing and I enjoyed it whilst watching the football.


Jack Ratt with Botanicals – really caught my eye – A cider infused with the same botanicals that you would find in a Gin – and everyone knows I love Gin. A faint Juniper flavour gives this cider a really complex but subtle flavour.


Jack Ratt with Sour Cherry – This one i was really unsure about but was surprised. A slight flavour of sour cherry, reminding me of a Haribo Cherry but without being too sweet. The Sour flavour came through, and is a great alternative to some of the sweeter mixed fruit style ciders.

Jack Ratt ciders are produced by Lyme Bay Winery – a small producer in Devon’s, Axe Valley who produce a lot more than just cider. From English Wines to Local Spirits. The folk here are passionate about turning local produce into a range of stunning drinks – and if these few ciders I have tried are anything to go by, they are onto a winner.

I for one look forward to seeing what else they have to offer – of course, as always I’ll keep you up to date on my findings.

Jack Ratt Ciders were sent to me to try and review. All opinions and thoughts are my own and honest.


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  1. […] I recently had the pleasure of trying out their ‘Chilli Sauce Man Box’. The first thing I had to try were these really tasty chilli nuts – smokey with a good chilli flavour – these are very addictive and great with a beer or cider (I thoroughly enjoyed them with Jack Ratts Cider with Hops which you can also read about here) […]

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