12 Gifts Of Christmas Pt 9 – Bread Lover’s Gift Idea from One Mile Bakery (Bread Making Classes)

Whats better than home-baked bread – how about bread you baked yourself.

The truth is nothing beats the smell of bread baking, but how do you learn to make it properly.

Well here’s your answer —-


One Mile Bakery was the brain child of Elisabeth Mahoney, who launched the first One Mile Bakery in Cardiff in 2012 – she wanted to deliver homemade, artisan bread, soups and preserves by bike direct from her home kitchen.

The idea was a winner and the brand soon expanded, including to One Mile Bakery Hale, just outside Manchester.

Matt produces artisan breads, as well as soups and preserves from his kitchen at home and delivers them to customers within a one mile radius.

But that’s not all as One Mile Bakery also hosts bread making classes. These really set themselves apart from other classes as they are held in Matt’s own home in small groups, giving an informal and hands on approach.

Classes vary each week, from French breads to mastering Sour Dough, there is something for everyone. When I was invited to go along to find out what they were all about, how could I refuse.

I attended one of Matt’s new classes titled ‘Bread and Beer’ which incorporates one of Matts other hobbies – producing his own homemade brew.

On the course with me were three bothers, they were attending as part of a birthday gift and it didn’t take long to see how much fun the day was going to be.


We started with a brief talk on yeast used within bread making, the best ones to use and how Matt incorporates his own Brewers yeast into some of his breads.

We then moved onto Sour Dough and how the production differs. With tuition and guidance we then started to produce our own Sour Dough bread dough. (No pics of this as hands were a little mucky to say the least!)


With arms well worked out, we sat down to enjoy some coffee and toast, made from some of Matt’s earlier loafs. We set back to work, moving onto a second bread. A white tin loaf with spelt wheat (Again with a by-product of Matts beer making)

Homemade Soup was a real winner

With the first two loafs proving we again sit down to enjoy some more of Matt’s creations. This time we are served a gorgeous creamed celeriac and walnut soup – I have to say, this was possibly one of the best soups I’ve had. Matt’s customers are really spoilt.

Homemade Brew – Marshmallow Stout

If that wasn’t enough we are offered a drink – ‘anyone for a beer or wine’ asks Matt, he reels off what he has available, but everyone jumps at the chance to try his home-brew. A marshmallow Stout. This was light and so so drinkable – If only I wasn’t driving later, or I could have enjoyed quite a few of these no problem.

We then move onto our final bread. A wholemeal bread made with one of Matt’s homemade ales.


We go back to our sourdough to knock it back and give a second prove. We learn about different proving methods and the baskets that we can use.

With some MORE food and drink laid on we have a chat while all the breads finish proving, before finally putting them all in to bake away.

Whilst this is happening, we get to enjoy some more beer and have a chat around the kitchen table. Matt is a great host and everyone seems to be having a great day.


As the breads start to come out, everyone is admiring their own creations ‘This is the best thing I’ve created since my own child’ one claims. – Everyone is really excited to see how their bread has turned out – and who can blame them after 5 hours of creating these beauties.


The other great thing about this class, is that you get to take everything you made back home, with notes on how they were made. We were even given our own bread scraper and starter culture to start making our own Sour Dough back at home!

Using my Sour Dough back at home

Matt’s Bread Making class was really informative, productive and above all, real fun. The day flew by and everyone left happy with their newly created babies, ready to take their own bread making to a new level.

One Mile Bakery provides all kinds of classes, for all levels of bread makers. If you know someone who would love to take part, you can buy them a voucher for Christmas (Or birthday) – these last throughout 2019, so they can then book on the course that suits them.

Check out their vouchers and bread making classes, including festive specials here


I was invited along to experience One Mile Bakery. The review and opinions are my own experience and are honest.



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