Gin Review – El:Gin from Elgin

Continuing on my reviews of some incredible Scottish Gins, here’s one that I just had to try because of the name.


Elgin is a town in Moray, Scotland and if any town was needing to have a Gin producer it had to be this one. Many a time have I encountered people that mispronounce Elgin as El-Gin – so what could be more fitting.

El:Gin or Elgin-gin is a small batch, copper still gin which uses a truly Scottish ingredient in the form of Scottish Oats.


The oats are delicately visible as you sip this gin, in the form of a creaminess on your tongue. There is also a slight fruitiness, in fact the makers describe it as Crananchan (A Scottish dessert of Cream, Raspberries, Oats and Whisky) in a glass.


El:Gin works perfectly poured over ice and sipped due to its creaminess, but also mixes well with a light tonic and garnished with apple or as I enjoyed with Pink Peppercorns.

The Gin makers real star right now however, is their Gin:Gle Gin – A Christmas extravaganza which really warms and hits the spot.


The nose of this gin couldn’t be more Christmas, with Cinnamon notes coming right through. Whilst this can also be thoroughly enjoyed sipped, it really lends its:elf (Couldn’t resist) to a ginger ale mixer and garnished with Star Anise – now that really is Christmas cake in a glass – Perfect for after dinner drinks.

Other Gins in the El:Gin range also includes a Speyside Heather Honey Gin, which is a little sweeter than I would usually choose myself, but does have rather a unique and interesting twist on your usual Gin. This one I would definitely recommend sipping neat.

ElGin is available to purchase from a number of suppliers including Masters of Malt

These gins were sent to me to try, the review is my own personal thoughts and are my own and honest.


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  1. […] Working for a Scottish company, I have heard Elgin pronounced El-Gin many times, so what better then an actual Gin from Elgin named El:Gin. The use of Scottish Oats in this gin add a unique creaminess, or try out their Gin:Gle Gin – yet another must try for any Gin Lover, you can read the full review here […]

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