Product Review:- Pesto is not just for Pasta – A review of Pesto from @belazu_co

My first experience with pesto was many years ago, produced for me in my late teens as a late night, post drinking snack at a friends house.

I remember thinking, what is this wonder. The person that produced it wasn’t known for her culinary skills, yet she had produced a rich and flavoursome pasta dish in minutes – was this some kind of which craft!

Over the years I have had better and better pesto, making that first experience sink into the background. At the time I was taken by how rich and flavoursome such as easy dish could be and I think it’s fair to say that the popularity of Pesto has increased no end.

Whilst a freshly made pesto of Basil, Pine Nuts, Garlic and Parmesan is always satisfying, there are now an abundance of alternative versions on the market.

From Sun-dried Tomato, Wild Rocket, Coriander or even Walnut, Pesto producers have been subjecting us to a huge variety of options.

Whilst I have enjoyed many of these different varieties of Pesto, none have yet amazed me as much as my most recent experience.

When Belazu, a great Olive Oil and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Ingredient producer asked for my thoughts on some of their new Pesto range, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

I already knew that Belazu produced some stunning ingredients and I am a big fan of their Pepe Olive Oil, which I have been using for years, but the Pesto’s were going to be a new thing for me.

The first Pesto that I tried was an Artichoke and Truffle Pesto.

I wanted to try and use these pestos for something other than just adding to a pasta, so I thought hard as to what this could be used for.

Luxury Mash Potato using Belazu Pesto

As it happens, I was about to cook a steak for dinner, and thought this pesto would make an amazing mash potato.

Making my potato as usual, I added the Pesto at the end and stirred in. It gave the mash a real luxurious taste, subtle, but definitely there.

The second Pesto that I tried from Belazu, was a Rose Harissa Pesto.

This is a Pesto that simply tossed into freshly made pasta, creates a warming and delicious dish, however I wanted to try something different with this pesto too.

Having travelled around the Middle East, one of the dishes that compliments harissa so well, is a dish of eggs. So for this Pesto, I decided to try it to enhance a breakfast of Scrambled Eggs on toasted muffin.

Simply spooned onto a toasted muffin and topped with Scrambled Egg and Crispy Bacon Bits, with a sprinkling of Chives, this pesto really did take a simple breakfast dish to a whole new level.

Belazu make a range of Pesto Sauces, all special in their own right, why don’t you check them out and see how much they can enhance your dishes.

Belazu range of Pesto’s are available here


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