Aldi Wines – Are they any good??

Back in December I received an invitation to be included in the 19th Aldi Wine Club Panel.

I would be sent 3 wines from the Aldi range, with all them wanting in exchange was an honest opinion of that wine posted on Social Media.

Well that seemed fair. After all, I have been writing food and drink reviews online for a few years now, and all of them being my own honest opinion – and as someone that has probably tried every wine in Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda already, maybe I might find a gem or two, but then I thought ‘I probably won’t’

My experience to date with Aldi has mainly been during my time living overseas and if I’m completely honest, its where I would go to pick up a ‘cheap’ bottle of wine as a quiz prize – or have I missed something?!

The first wine they sent me was a Sangiovese, a wine that I quite like to buy every now and again.

The label told you what it went with ‘LOVES PIZZA’ it shouts, but what if I didn’t want Pizza? Well that’s ok, because underneath it also says goes well with Pasta, Meatballs or Sausages too.

It also states, Rich and Full Bodied – I’m dubious – I’m a fan of a red that you can almost chew, a stew in a glass, silky as it goes down – can this wine at just £4.99 provide me with that?

The answer is NO, it cant – but it does a bloody good job!!! It has an nose of cherry, black cherry, with an earthy almost peaty undertone. I’m actually getting Black Forest Gateaux in a glass.

It’s not the full bodied masterpiece I would sit and savour with a smile on my face, but for the price it’s a very good bottle of red. A pleasure to drink on its own and robust enough to pair with rich and flavoursome foods like… erm… PIZZA!

So next they sent me an Organic Prosecco, and just before Christmas too.

Well I do love a glass of fizz on Christmas Morning while opening presents, but its usually a champagne that floats my boat rather than Prosecco – but I’ll give it a go.

The bottle is attractive, anything following my stature, short and plump is a winner obviously!

It says Extra Dry… but will it be?? As I pop the cork I am preying for something good (Although the Champagne is still chilled in reserve).

I take a sip, another sip and then guess what… another!!

It’s refreshing with a taste of green apple with a hint of citrus, but is perfectly dry for me. While this may not suit all Prosecco drinkers, it certainly pleasured my palate as a good bottle of fizz.

There was then a little gap between that and my last bottle to try, firstly because of Christmas/New Year and secondly because I just had to go and get some sunshine in Mexico for a couple of weeks (You can read about that trip here)

On my return I immediately took delivery of a Pinot Gris.

India was a little disappointed when she saw the bottle as we had been expecting a Gavi.

Not being a big wine drinker, she developed a taste for this Italian beauty a few years back – now its all she will order, even though it tends to be listed only by bottles and is never the cheapest ‘House’ version.

I take a look at see its a New Zealand wine, from Gisborne in the North Island. I have been to a fair few wineries in New Zealand, but never on the North Island.

Pinot Gris is a different style of the same grape variety that produces a Pinot Grigio, but tends to be a much richer and fruity wine.

The first thing that hit me was the fruit – a sweet honeydew melon followed by ripe pear. The wine had a good level of dryness for me, with a pineapple finish.

This wasn’t a ‘Gavi de Gavi’, but it was a much better alternative to the offering of a Pinot Grigio that we get offered as an alternative in bars – and probably half the price.

I’m definitely more of a red wine lover, but I found this to be a real pleasure to drink.

So what have I learnt – Well clearly Aldi wines should not just be bought as raffle or quiz prizes, that they can though up some real treasures and pleasures.

Now how do I go about signing up for more of these reviews Aldi??


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