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As promised, here is the first of a brand new monthly feature which looks to highlight a new and fantastic Gin each and every month.

I will be searching out Gins from across the UK that stand out in one way or another, be it with a unique flavour, botanical or interesting story behind them and despite being only in January, I have already started to discover some great contenders.

Gin of the Month for January goes to – York Gin.

Steeped with History, I only visited York for the first time a couple of years ago, but I was blown away by this amazing city. Therefore when I got the chance to try gin from there, I couldn’t really refuse.

The problem is that York Gin make not only one – but THREE gins, so I just had to try them all.

Each one comes in a beautiful bottle, simple in design and hosting a fortress plus black cat, a symbol of the city.

First up was their ‘Classic Dry’ which has been awarded a silver medal in the Spirits Business Gin Masters of 2018 – Its a true classic London Dry Gin.

The gin is smooth enough to drink neat and versatile enough to experiment with different mixers.

With a great hit of Juniper, it is then followed by a slight peppery finish. The presence of coriander can also be felt and it adds to its mildly spicy palatte.

On its own its a pleasure, or simply poured over ice. I’m a big fan or Fever-Tree Aromatic and it works well with this Gin. I like to garnish this gin with Star Anise.

York Gin’s second Gin, and the one that made them my ‘Gin of the Month’ was their York Gin Cocoa. With the likes of Terry’s and Rowntrees building their choclate empires in the city in days gone past, it is a perfect match.

They infuse their London Dry with Cocoa Nibs, in collaboration with York Cocoa Works. Rather than steeping the cocoa, which would result in a ‘Chocolate Gin’, they have chosen to flavour their gin by passing the vapour through the cocoa, resulting in a clear, full strength gin, but with a distinct and smooth flavour. The Cocoa adds a fruity edge which compliments the Juniper beautifully.

This gin is beautifully sipped or mixed with a light tonic, I found the slight sweetness of Fever-Tree Mediterranean to work perfectly with this, garnished with Pink Peppercorns and a stick of Cinnamon.

I’m told that the used nips are returned to York Cocoa Works to make York Gin Chocolate – something that I must seek out!!!

The historical connection doesn’t end with the chocolate with them though, their is also their final Gin, which is named Roman Fruit.

This is a gin infused with the flora and fauna of Ancient Rome, including berries, apples, strawberry and hibiscus, which helps give this gin a gorgeous natural colour. This is also beautiful poured over ice and sipped, goes well with a Mediterranean tonic, but for me it works really well with a Lemon Tonic – As served at the Star Inn in the City, York. This is an easy drinking, freah and fruity drink, perfect sitting in the garden, or just remembering the summer past.

Their Roman Gin, I’m told, also comes with its own Latin Moto ‘Veni, Vidi, Bibi’ (I came, I Saw, I Drank) – Definitely fitting.

You can purchase all their gins, individually or as the 3 set gift pack featured at the York Gin Website – Or how about ordering a very special valentines gift – by getting the beautiful Roman Fruit Gin, personally engraved with your own label here.

York Gin were sent to me to try, they were personally chosen by me to be featured as my Gin of the Month – If you have a Gin that you would like to be considered for future Manchester Food Tourists – Gin of the Month, then please do get in touch here


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