Gin Of The Month (Feb) – Tarsier Gin

I’m pleased to announce my February Gin Of The Month as Tarsier Gin – A true beauty from right here in Manchester itself!

Who doesn’t love a gin that takes them on an epic journey when you taste it.

That’s exactly how I felt when I first tasted Tarsier Gin a short while back whilst at a Gin Festival in Manchester – the product of a group of friends based within the city itself, who after travelling through South East Asia, decided to capture their travels in a locally produced Gin.

Like so many small batch producers, it took them many attempts before they finally came up with a gin which worked well and I for one applaud the final product.

Recently they also launched a brand new bottle which is a stunning black design with gold detailing, the bottle really does scream SE Asia in appearance.

The main character on the bottle is that of the Philippine Tarsier, one of the worlds smallest primates with big personality, something that kind of sums up this Gin. The guys are also supporting these stunning little creatures by donating 10% of their profits to conservation projects in SE Asia, with their first partner being the Philippine Tarsier Foundation.

The Gin uses Asian botanicals to compliment the Juniper. They settled on Calamansi from the Philippines, Thai Sweet Basil from Thailand, Galangal from Vietnam and beautiful Kampot Pepper from Cambodia.

These botanicals are wonderfully unique flavours all by themselves, but mixed together they create a gin that oozes flavour which takes you on a trip around Asia.

The first botanical that comes through for me is the sweet basil scent mixed with the faint ginger nose of Galangal.

The citrus flavour of the Calamansi then hits your tongue, making the gin smooth and a pleasure to drink neat, this is then topped off with the spicy finish of Kampot Pepper.

Tarsier Gin really is an amazing gin to sip over ice with its slightly sweet aromas and citrus and pepper tastes working so well on their own, but it also works with a mixer as well.

Although very fragrant and packing a flavour punch, its actually made up of quite delicate individual flavours and so shouldn’t be too over powered, a light tonic or Fever-Tree Mediterranean goes really well, although it is definitely best served as a double measure, not like that’s a problem though!

Tarsiers Signature Serve is with a slice of Ginger and Lime – which compliments these botanicals perfectly.

With so many similar gins entering the market all the time, its great to find another gin that really stands out from the crowd. I have a small but growing list of ‘favourites’ with this definitely now one of them.

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