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I’ve reviewed a fair number of gins in the last couple of years, but never one that isn’t actually available yet!!

So when Springmount Gin approached me to review their ‘Not yet to market’ gins, how could I refuse.

Springmount Gin is the idea of Emma and Joe, who after finding a love for gin, set about trying to produce their very own unique flavours. Currently they are looking to sell their gins, pre launch, as a crowdfunder to help launch them fully to market.

Distilled in Scotland and using only the finest ingredients including natural Scottish spring water, the gins are traditional London Dry.

Originally they were looking to create one unique gin, however after a number of tasting sessions, they were finally encouraged to launch three special varieties, each being a ‘Proper Gin’ with a real hit of Juniper and all enhanced with a range of different botanicals.

With something brand new to try, I decided to take these Gins away on a weekend break in Wales. The trip was going to be 11 adults and 2 children. With a number of the party being regular gin drinkers, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get a variety of feedback.

The first gin that I tried with the help of the group, was Strawberry and Raspberry.

This was an incredibly Smooth, creamy and fruity gin, not overly ‘fruit flavoured’ or sweet, but with a slight red fruit and a nice sweetness that was just right on a sunny afternoon, I found it worked very well with the Mediterranean or aromatic Fever-Tree.

Next up was the Lime and Mint, think a subtle Mojito. This Gin was fresh and clean on the palette. The lime flavour came through first with the mint then creating a beautiful finish that wasn’t overpowering but lasted. This was defiantly the flavour that was most enjoyed throughout the group and worked great with a Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Last up from the trio was a Lavender and Lemongrass Gin. Unsure what to expect on this one, the first taste again was soft on the palette, with the lavender not being overpowering or ‘Soapy’ as can sometimes be the case with lavender. The lemongrass definitely came through as the more prominent of these two flavours adding a touch of Asian to this gin. This one matched best with a Fever-Tree Elderflower.

Each of these Gins were unique in their own way and I can see why they decided to launch all three. None of the flavours were too strong or unnatural, not like a sweet Gin Liqueur, but a truly great tasting Gin where the Juniper is prominent on the palette, but with some slight added zing.

The Lavender and Lemongrass was tasty and I would be interested to also try it with Ginger Ale, but for me the number one was the Lime and Mint.

I can strongly recommend them from the samples that I was sent. So if you want to be one of the first to receive one of their full bottles, then get yourself over to their crowdfunding page here


Springmount Gin sent me samples of their gins in return for feedback. All reviews are honest and the sole opinion of Manchester Food Tourist, those featured have no input or say whatsoever.


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