Review:- Gin Botanicals From Smokey Carter

I’ve been reviewing more and more Gins recently, which lead to this years Gin of the Month feature.

Trying to match different gins with different tonics is one thing, thankfully Fever-Trees impressive range of tonics give me plenty to play with, but to enhance each drink further, you then need to be thinking about the right Garnish too.

I have collected a fair collection of these, but now Smokey Carter (The folk behind some amazing rubs and sauces) have produced a Gin Botanical Tube that makes a perfect gift for any Gin Lover.

The tube comes with a range of options including

Rose Petals

Hibiscus and Pink Peppercorns

Cardamom and Coriander

Star Anise

Juniper Berries

Uses are varied and they can simply be used to help garnish your G&T with botanicals that compliment the drink. However there are other uses too.

The pack comes with a couple of infusion bags, enabling you to choose your botanicals and steep your own Gin in order to make a flavour of your choice. I tried this with some Cardamom, Coriander Seed, Juniper and Star Anise, leaving the bag to steep for a few hours in a simple London Dry. The result was a beautiful spicy gin that I thoroughly enjoyed with a Mediterranean Tonic.

But that’s not all. I also decided to use the botanicals to make some Ice Cubes.

Adding a few of each pot to different ice cubes made a fun and interesting way to perk up any gin. Adding Hibiscus and Pink Peppercorn Ice Cubes to the gin I had made also gave a it great colouring too.

The Gin Botanical Tube is available direct from Smokey Carter – plus be sure to check out their sauces and rubs while your there too!!


The botanicals were sent to me for reviewing by Smokey Carter, the piece and all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.


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