Product Review – Beech’s Chocolate Eggs – Gorgeous Chocolate treats (Plus They’re Vegan and Palm Oil Free)

There aren’t many people who don’t already know about some of my favourite things – Cheese, Red Wine, Gin and Chocolate for starters.

So with Easter fast approaching, its time to start seeking out some new chocolaty ideas for gifts and treats, and adding that in with a huge rise in the number of people choosing a vegan diet, what could be better that some luxury vegan chocolate. This is where Beech’s come in.

Beech’s have been producing some fine chocolates just down the road from Manchester, in Preston since the 1920’s, from Traditional bars, truffles to fondants, they are a family run business and very proud of their top quality products, made using traditional methods. On top of all the usual delights, they also produce a full range of Gluten free and Vegan products.

So with Easter just around the corner, they kindly asked if I would like to review their Luxury Chocolate Eggs, so how could I refuse. Now I have to admit, that when I first tried them, I had no idea that they were actually vegan friendly and gluten free, but surely that’s a good thing as it shows the great quality and flavour that they produce.

The three egg varieties that were sent, each consisted of 6 half egg shaped chocolates, so three eggs in total.

First up was a Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp Egg.

The dark chocolate was as good, if not better than many other dark chocolates that I have tried previously. Slightly bitter, with a real chocolate hit, these were complimented beautifully with a mint crisp scattering throughout. Think luxury After Dinner Mint and you’ll have an idea of what to expect – definitely one for the mint chocolate lovers.

Next up I tried the Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch – These ones are suitable for Vegetarians. Smooth and creamy tasting chocolate, melting in the mouth with a Caramel crunch throughout rather than the mint of the previous eggs. These were sweet and melt in the mouth.

Last up was, in my opinion, the perfect Easter gift for any vegans that you know – A fondant egg – think of a Creme Egg, but more grown up and luxurious, then made into slightly smaller halves. These again were creamy and a delight to eat. The filling was light and not as sickly or grainy as a creme egg, plus the chocolate again was stunning, they actually went really well with a Rioja that I had open at the time. The fact that they were not overly sweet meant that they matched wine perfectly – so much so I finished the box in one short sitting (Shhh don’t tell everyone).

I have now been proven wrong about the vegan chocolate dilemma – you really can have great tasting chocolate that is also vegan. In fact once I’d put one into my mouth, I’d forgotten immediately they were vegan instantly and was simply comparing them to all other chocolates – and to top it all off, they are all Palm Oil free too!!

It really doesn’t matter if you are vegan or not, each of these chocolates were beautiful and I would have no hesitation in trying some of Beech’s other ranges – but if you do know a vegan, then don’t let them miss out on chocolate this Easter, especially as they are only £1.95 instead of £2.99 a box for a limited time and available from Here.

You could even match it with a nice Rioja if you really want to.


Beech’s Chocolate sent me these samples to try and review. As always they had no input or so over this content, with all thoughts and opinions being the honest ones of Manchester Food Tourist.


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