Food Tourist – Dishoom Revisited – With a DRY Tipple

Dishoom has now been open in Manchester for a number of months, but has the hype died down, I went back recently to find out.

When it first opened back in early December, people had queued up patiently waiting to find out what this Iranian Cafe had to offer, with its reputation being huge, expectations were high. ‘People won’t queue in Manchester’ I heard a number of people say prior to its opening – but they were wrong.

4 months on and you can still see queues during peak times, but Dishoom have really mastered this queue, with staff chatting to waiting diners, offering up some complimentary House Chai or Mint Tea, it makes the wait fly by and it feel like you weren’t queuing at all.

I was invited to head back in during a brunch slot on a Sunday, when queuing isn’t usually an issue and we were shown straight in. ‘Is it always this busy for breakfast?’ enquired one of our party who was here for the first time. Surely a sign that things are still going strong for the restaurant.

Before food, we were offered an insight into one of their latest additions to their menu. During Dry January, the restaurant decided to offer up an exclusive option of Dry Cocktails. I’m not talking your usual mocktail experience of fruit juices combined with some soda water, these are drinks designed specifically to replace a cocktail without you feeling like your missing out when those around you have the real thing.

Being so successful, they have decided to continue this menu and now find it to be one of extreme popularity.

Using some special ingredients, including a ‘Spirit Base’ they produce some alternative to some of their most ordered cocktails.

The Spirit base uses a cayenne pepper infusion, to help the drinks give you a slight ‘alcohol burn’ without their actually being any alcohol in it.

Their Dry Old Fashions use a smoked Demerara to add that smokey whisky edge. This is a drink that you could sit at the bar and sip quite comfortably, without even realising that you weren’t drinking alcohol – just without the hangover obviously.

One of my favourite choices was the Dry Monsoon Martini – A dry take on the espresso martini. Using their delicious Monsooned Catuai Espresso, this dry Espresso Martini is actually amazing, and is a perfect partner to your breakfast (although others may think you’re on the cocktails before lunch).

That takes me perfectly onto their food. I may have visited Dishoom a number of times now, in Manchester, Shoreditch and Kingscross, but each breakfast I’ve stuck with the Breakfast Naans, just because they are so good. Likewise India has always stuck with Akuri (Like a spiced Scrambled Eggs). But on this occasion we took the opportunity to try something different.

I opted for the Kejriwal, a very special version of eggs on toast. This dish takes full of flavour, chilli cheese toast and tops it with two of Dishoom delightful fried eggs, I have to say, I was very pleased to have tried it as its awesome.

India opted for the Keema Per Eedu, A Parsi power breakfast of spicy chicken keema, some chicken liver and topped with two fried eggs. This is served with their very soft home-made buns. Again a very successful dish.

So 4 months on, Dishoom is still proving to a major hit in Manchester for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and with such a varied menu, there is something for everyone including Vegetarians, Vegans, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Halal and even Alcohol Free.

Check out the Menu here.


I was invited to try out the dry cocktails and dishes as a guest of Dishoom, all opinions in my review are my own and honest.


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