Gin of the Month for April – Cuckoo Gin

A recent poll on my twitter account has ‘Spicy Gin’ as being the notes that my followers prefer most, so here is a gin that just for them.

Cuckoo Gin are another Gin producer located not far from Manchester, in the small village of Brindle near Preston. An old village story talks of how the first Cuckoo call of spring would bring about the start of a good harvest, so important was this belief, it even turned into a workers day off in the middle ages. According to local folklore, the villagers hatched a plan to build a high fence to capture a cuckoo in a field, thus ensuring that the summer would continue in the village, unfortunately the fence was not high enough and the cuckoo fled. To this day, anyone born in the village is still referred to as a Brindle Cuckoo. As this Gin is most certainly born in Brindle, it was also given the traditional name of a Cuckoo.

So what better time to be reviewing this Gin for Gin of the Month, than in Spring.

Spiced Gin working perfectly with this Fentimans Yuzu Tonic

Cuckoo is produced by a family run distillery, who actually produce some of their own base spirit from grain that they grow on their own farmland, the used spelt grain and used botanicals are then reused in feed for the animals on the farm. The spirit that they produce is then turned it onto one of their three slightly different Gins. The selection consisted of their Original, Sunshine (Which includes Honey and Raspberries in the distillation) and a Spiced Gin. It is the later that I opted for the Gin of the Month.

The Spiced Gin from Cuckoo includes some of my favourite botanical’s, including Clove, Ginger, Fennel, Cinnamon and Lemongrass, as well as good spice hit from my old kitchen friend, Tellicherry Black Pepper (Considered to be one of the finest peppers in the world) – these combine well to give a great warmth.

The flavour journey doesn’t end there however, as following up these warm and spicy elements are the sweet and floral notes of Jasmine, Fig and Rose hips.

Strong on the nose are the aromas of vanilla, almond and the woody spicyness of cinnamon, these aromas come through from the tonka beans that are also added.

This is a Gin that is great poured over ice and sipped. Alternatively it works really well as a long G&T. I sat and enjoyed just such a drink on the first day of Summer Time, enjoying the spring flowers and the birds singing – just as a Brindle Cuckoo would have wished.

Cuckoo Gin is available to buy in 200ml or 700ml bottles direct from their website here.

For those really interested to find out more, they also host tours and workshops, which can be viewed and booked here.

If you want to win your own bottle of Cuckoo Spiced Gin – head over to my twitter here for details of how to win.


Cuckoo Gin was sent to me complimentary to try and review. The reviews on this site are all my own personal opinions and are honest and true. No input or say is given to the brands or their representatives.




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  2. I live 2 miles from the Brindle Distillery and I went to school in Brindle, I love Cuckoo Gin especially the spiced, local gin, local producer and really nice people. I think you should try the Sunshine Gin too.

    1. Bet it’s tasty – love cinnamon in drinks

  3. This gin sounds fab and I love the history behind its name. Every spring my Nan used to ask if we’d heard a cuckoo yet so these birds will always remind me of her. I think she was more partial to a glass of sherry rather than gin though!

  4. I love gin

    1. Sounds brill I just love Gin the bottle and the look of it looks fab

  5. Would definitely recommend as a long G&T!

  6. I enjoyed that review, good to hear a bit of the back story to the name as well. Cheers!

  7. Love the history behind the origin of the name how very interesting, thank you so much. I would also no doubt love the gin, I’m much more a lover of the spices than the sweet.

  8. I’ve never tried spicy gin before but LOVE the sound of it! The tonic being served with it is unfamiliar to me too, but sounds lovely! (@craftythinker)

  9. You’ve got me thinking of childhood days spent in the garden listening for the first cuckoo, always a special moment. The gin sounds delicious – it would work well at Christmas with so many traditional festive spices, perhaps with a squeeze of orange added.
    @janesgrapevine on Twitter.

    1. I’m yet to try spiced gin! Great review, makes me really want to try it

  10. I love Gin and always have. I am loving all the different flavours that are now available. The warming spices in the Cuckoo gin sound lovely and would be perfect for cold winter nights.
    @MooTheMadCow on twitter

  11. Sounds really awesome

  12. I love cinnamon and vanilla. This sounds really lovely!

  13. What a lovely story about Brindle! I have never seen a cuckoo, let alone heard one.


  14. This looks deliciously 😄

  15. Never had spiced gin but you make it sound so good perhaps I’ll give it a go!

  16. This sounds amazing!

  17. Fascinating about the name! This sounds like a wonderful gin.

  18. Love the look of the bottle and the Gin sounds absolutely amazing would love a taste of it. Xxx

  19. I’m a recent convert to gin,so would love to give this a try x

  20. The Cuckoo Gin looks so good!

  21. Ms Lorraine Mabbitt

    This sounds delicious

  22. This sounds like one I would love to try!

  23. Me and the other half always drink responsibly 😉 we never waste a drop of gin!!

  24. This gin sounds amazing

  25. I know who would love it

  26. Heard great things about Cuckoo Gin, so may out there but this always stands out!

  27. Wonderful!

  28. I do love a gin. Retweeted as @Clairelouise82

  29. Love gin. Retweeted as @Clairelouise82

  30. This gin is just gorgeous- it’s my husband’s favourite. @becinmonton

  31. looks tasty and definitely worth trying!

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  33. Love the sound of the mix of floral and spicy notes!

  34. Sounds like this gin was made for me!

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