Hatch opened some time back, bringing Manchester its very own street-food dining and shopping experience within old shipping containers.

Much smaller than some of those I’ve visited in London, it still managed to offer up some new and exciting places to go and eat, whilst also being able to enjoy live music and events in an outdoor environment.

But now, just in time for the summer that is upon us, they have trebled its size, with 21 new outlets, consisting of 10 new foodie brands (making the total offering now 17) and 11 new retail outlets.

Setup under the Mancunian Way, Hatch now spreads over 11,840sq feet of space, that as well as housing a mix of double decker shipping container restaurants, bars and retailers, it is also offering up roof terraces, event space, creative workshops and a live music stage.

The new retail side will be offering up something that’s completely new to Manchester and features a line up of brands that you’ll find nowhere else in the country. As well as their retail offerings, some of these shops will also be offering up workshops and events.

Amongst the new foodie outlets are some real exciting options, these include The Kitchen, a Thessaloniki style restaurant serving up some out there creations such as Rabbit Thessaloniki style tacos (COD, Beef Brisket and Sweet Potato options available) as well as old favourites like Loukamades (A sweet doughnut style treat)

The Kitchen will also be serving up Greek inspired cocktails in a relaxed, warm and welcoming environment, so as someone how used to live in Greece, this is one I cant wait to try out.

Alongside them are Oke Poke, a specialist Hawaiian Street Food Purveyor, think deconstructed sushi bowls. Fukuu which serves up Pan Asian cuisines such as Annas own Japanese Scotch Eggs or Katsu Burger on Brioche Buns.

The Ice Alchemist will have something for you to cool down in the heat, with a unique Ice Cream Roll, produced in front of you and served in a bowl with a couple of sauces and toppings. It’s all made using the best quality jersey milk based Ice Cream and served in biodegradable bowls worth biodegradable spoons.

Fancy a beer, head to Beer Box, a craft beer experience that has expanded itself from its home in Newcastle, it stocks its own brews as well as other independent brews from around the country.

For the vegans, there is also lots to choose from, including Herbivourous which serves its own vegan version of a hoisin duck wrap, using pulled jackfruit along with triple cooked chips.

These are just some of the great options, others are Mezze – Cypriot Food, Hot Chick – Fried Chicken, Choc – Chocolate Bars, Number 8 – Cocktail Bar with open roof terrace, Hanoi 75 – Vietnamese and VIN-Yard – a wine shop serving by the glass or the bottle.


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