Product Review:- MEATER + The Wireless Meat Temperature Probe

Anyone that loves a well cooked piece of meat knows that getting it to just the right temperature is crucial.

Even after removing from the oven, that nice piece of Roast Beef or Lamb can carry on cooking in its own heat, and unless you’ve taken it out with this in mind, can lead to overcooked, dry or chewy meat, and nobody wants that.

In order to overcome this, the use of a meat thermometer is recommended. The simplest form of these is a standard probe which you can insert into meat at various points in the cooking to see if its ready, but even this takes a little skill. It’s not like you can keep on opening the door and checking it every 5 mins, so this in itself takes practise, not only that but it takes a while to check the temperature each time, so some meats such as chicken are already starting to cool.

Next up you could get a digital thermometer that can stay in the oven whilst it cooks. These usually have a lead that runs out a small gap in the door allowing you to monitor the meat as it cooks. Sounds ideal, that is until you think that you may be affecting the seal of the door, plus who wants to stand in the kitchen waiting for the meat to reach its optimal temperature.

Not only useful, the MEATER + also looks great in the kitchen

This is where MEATER + comes in. Using a duel temperature probe that connects via Bluetooth, it allows you to monitor your meat from a distance without wires, in fact it can connect (Using the docking station) to your mobile up to 50 meters away.

Not only does it monitor the temperature, but its smart analysis software will use the oven temperature and speed of which the meat is increasing, to calculate how much time is left remaining on the required cook time, as well as how much resting time will be required.

I started off by using the MEATER + to cook a small joint of beef.

I open up the app on my phone and enter the probe into the meat as directed. Using the app is very simple and all I need to do is choose the type of meat and how I prefer it cooked, for this first test I choose medium/medium rare.

Placing the joint into the oven, the temperature probe starts to measure the increase in the ovens air temperature as well as the temperature in the centre of the meat.

Realising that I need something from the local shop, I can see that I have enough cooking time to allow me to nip out, plus with my MEATER + connected via their cloud based system, I can also continue to monitor it from a distance.

Returning home I still have a short cooking time left so I sit down with a nice Gin and Tonic to relax. After a few mins I get a warning on my phone that the meat will be needed to be removed from the heat in 5 mins time. So I needn’t have been staring at the count down the whole time.

I make my way to the kitchen, and when I am told so, I remove the meat and cover. The app then starts to countdown the resting time.

Again it alerts me when its ready so I can now start to carve

The meat was perfectly cooked, juicy and for me, perfect for a beef and onion baguette topped with some mature cheese…. pure afternoon delight!

So the MEATER past its first test, so I decide to test it out some more, this time on something that needs to always be cooked right, a roast chicken.

If this isn’t cooked enough, it can be carrying bacteria that causes sickness, but overcooked it can be dry and boring – so here goes.

Following the same process as before, I set about roasting a whole chicken.

Once again the app kept me upto date as to how long it would take, when to remove it and how long to rest. (Which with the chicken was hardly any time at all)

Again the MEATER + worked its wonders. The resulting chicken was succulent and juicy, while being cooked through, and all this without any need to weigh and calculate the times.

For my third test, I decided to try and use the Meater + to help me cook a half leg of lamb on a BBQ. Having never attempted this before, due to the fear of wasting a good joint of meat, I threw caution to the wind and tried it out.

Lighting the BBQ with coals on one side, I place the meat on the un-heated side and covered with the lid to create the right heat for the meat to cook.

It was here that I met my first issue with the MEATER, as it failed to connect through the metal lid of the BBQ. I thought this was going to be an epic fail, but I persevered and allowed the meat to start to cook. After about 20 mins, I lifted the lid to see how the meat was doing, at which point the MEATER reconnected and gave me the calculated time remaining as just over an hour.

Replacing the lid, I waited another 30 mins or so, again lifting the lid and checking on it, once again it reconnected and now said 23 mins. So whilst I couldn’t use the MEATER to sit back and just wait for it to be ready, I could still use it as a good time guide so I knew when roughly it would be ready.

Indeed I lifted the lid and it was just reaching the required temperature for my lamb to be be medium, time to remove it from the heat and allow it to rest.

Whilst using the BBQ lid took away some of the features of the MEATER, it still allowed me to cook my very first joint of meat on a BBQ successfully.

So after three thorough tests, I can safely say, that the MEATER + has simplified the cooking of meat to the preferred temperature, taking all the guess work out and replacing it with simple to use and accurate technology.

For anyone that likes their meat to be cooked exactly how they want, either to ensure the meat is now overcooked and retains its succulence and tenderness, or for the person that just wants to make sure that the meat is at a temperature that makes it safe without doubt, the MEATER will be a great addition to your kitchen.

If you want to check them out and order one for yourself, you can do so by checking out their website here.


The MEATER + was sent to me free of charge to try and review. The review, including all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.


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  1. Hi there. I’m thinking of getting one of these. Your comments on the barbecue gave a good insight into one of the shortcomings of the Meater probe namely it’s ability to commumicate with the app through a substantial metal obstacle like a barbecue lid. We have an Everhot and we’re concerned about the thick oven doors and sides preventing reliable communications. In addition, I’m reading that the Meater probe has issueswith accurate ambient temperature for example if the meat to be cooked was initially wrapped in foil. Did you try the Meater in an environment like this?

    1. Hi Harry,

      The MEATER Plus worked fine through oven doors and when using foil I usually have a small hole in the foil which the MEATER sticks out from and for me that has solved any issues.

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