Food Tourist:- Mrs A’s Kitchen, Eccles

If you follow me on social media (Here if you don’t), you will already know that I have a real love for all kinds of Indian food.

Since returning from living in India around 6 years ago, I have been so happy that there are now more and more places offering up ‘proper’ Indian style cuisine. From the gorgeous Mowgli, which is now becoming somewhat of an empire, to the fantastic Iranian Cafe style food of Dishoom.

We are also seeing an upturn in street-food style cafes such as the Chapatti Cafe in Chorlton which I truly love, with their authentic, home style cooking, so when I was asked if I would like to try out one of the newest offerings, namely Mrs A’s Kitchen in Eccles, I could hardly resist.

I have to confess to never being to Eccles before, but after a short 10 min drive from Stretford I found myself parked up and walking along a small and quiet looking high street. It appears that there are a few new offerings in this area, maybe a new foodie destination in the making. As I walk along i can hardly miss the vibrant sign of Mrs A’s Kitchen, plus the very subtle car parked outside helped.

The decor is very bright and welcoming, complete with a bicycle Tuk Tuk.

Mrs A’s Kitchen is a real family affair and I am welcomed by what turned out to be a daughter of ‘Mrs A’ who I’m told creates all the dishes herself as this is what she cooks at home having moved to the UK in the 1980’s, I’m immediately excited.

The cafe style restaurant serves up a selection of Bangladeshi dishes which change on a daily basis, but always with an options of Meat, Chicken and Veg Curries. Along with Chick Pea specials and a host of kebabs.

First up I was offered a sample of spicy chicken strips. The little paces of chicken were tender and juicy and bursting with flavour from the chilli and freshly chopped coriander.

I opted for The Chicken Makhan and a Paratha as my main dish. A traditional butter chicken dish, this came out exactly how I remember it should be. Full of flavour and exciting to eat.

I also tried out one of their signature dishes, a spicy chick pea dish called Chona. The flavours throughout were gorgeous.

Mrs A’s serves up a range of options, including a Thali for £9.95 (This contains one curry of your choice, rice or bread, a choice of small bite plus an additional curry or small bite completed with chutney and salad. Alternatively you can opt for single dishes or even a Tiffin for Two. The full menu can be found here

Overall Mrs A’s Kitchen filled me with not only food, but also delight. I only got to try out a few of their dishes and curries, but each one was bursting with flavour and authentic, especially the Assar with its aniseed and mango powder.

Mrs A’s Kitchen can be found at 30 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0DF


I was invited to try the dishes at Mrs A’s Kitchen in return for my feedback. The review contained within is of my own doing and as always is honest and impartial. 


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