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Not to far away from Manchester, there is yet another great gin, showing off its hue of blue and immense depth of character. Based in the village of Lees in Oldham, Defiance Gin has set up an actual Gin School, where gin lovers can produce their very own gin under the watchful eye of master distiller Paul Sheehin, whos Defiance brand won young business of the year at the Oldham Business Awards.

After reading a little about the brand and their gin for myself, I was delighted to get to try it out for a review here on

The gin is produced using an absolute abundance of botanicals including Juniper, Coriander seeds, Dehydrated and fresh orange & lemon peel, Cinnamon,Nutmeg, Orris root, Angelica root and Cardamom

Foraged botanicals also include Sweet cicely (Myrrhis odorata)  from Yorkshire/Lancashire/Wales, Sitka Spruce Tips ( Picea sitchensis)  Freshly picked in Spring from the Lancashire area and Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus)   from East Anglia

Immediately on opening the brilliant blue bottle, you get a strong earthy aroma followed by fresh citrus and eucalyptus, mixed with a warming sweetness that is probably from the cinnamon or nutmeg.

Pouring into a tasting glass neat, the aniseed flavours of the sweet cicely comes through more and more as it starts opens up.

On the palette it is remarkable smooth with no alcohol burn, despite its 40% Vol. The citrus is once again present, then you get a sweet taste, almost of liquorice allsorts, but still with a abundance of juniper present.

The gin has an incredible depth of character with all the botanicals complimenting each other perfectly.

Next I up try the gin with a tonic. The citrus and sweet spices work in harmony with their preferred 1783 tonic, which has an orange and grapefruit element to it.

I garnish with a slice of orange and the resulting drink if fresh, zingy, warming. I close my eyes and ponder and suddenly it clicks. I look back at the bottle and it fits – if this isn’t a Christmassy gin then I don’t know what is.

The fruit and mild spices work together with the tonic, to be refreshing and easy drinking, while still keeping its complexity and depth of character. This is definitely worthy of ‘Gin of the Month’ and what a great gift idea for Christmas for any gin lovers you know.

You can order Defiance Gin, which costs just £37 directly from themselves here

I also have the fantastic option of letting one lucky reader win a bottle all for them selves (what a great Christmas Gift)

To win simple head over to my Twitter here and follow the instructions – winner will be selected by random after the closing date of 20th Nov 2019 (Over 18s only – No Cash Alternative – Open to UK Residents Only)


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