Gift Ideas – Avina Barracuda Wine Opener Gift Set Reviewed

Christmas is coming and so is all the pondering about what to get someone.

Well if you know someone, that like me loves their wine, then here’s a great gift idea for them.

Avina is the producer of some great products for wine lovers and I recently reviewed their champagne bottle stopper and I was so impressed. You can read that here.

As a result, when Santa delivered an early Christmas gift of one of their bottle openers, I just knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The Gift Set consists of a 3-in-1 Barracuda Corkscrew, Bottle Opener and Foil Cutter along with a bonus Wine Bottle Stopper.

For around 20 years I have actually been using the same bottle opener, I can’t remember exactly when it came into my possession but that it came from the Dorchester Hotel. As much as I love it, it is really tired and basic and I was definitely due an upgrade, so it came at a perfect time.

The Barracuda is handmade from Stainless Steel and has an ebony finish in the center.

The corkscrew slides easily into the cork with it precision engineering helping to eliminate broken corks.

It has a good weight and is perfectly balanced, opening a bottle has never been so easy with a simple and effortless motion the cork slides out – anyone can look like a professional with it, I was so surprised at just so easy the cork eases out in one simple movement.

Just like the Champagne Stopper that I reviewed earlier in the year, this comes with the AVINA ‘You Break It, We Replace It’ Guarantee so you really would never need another corkscrew again.

Along with the corkscrew, you get a bottle stopper worth £7.99. This is a slightly different design to the champagne stopper and is designed to fit over 90% of bottle designs, basically those that aren’t the champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine kind.

It fits snugly on the bottle and is air tight, helping to keep the wine fresher for longer (If it lasts that long). It is also leak proof, so enables you to keep them lying down in the fridge/wine fridge if needed.

Buying myself a new corkscrew was something I hadn’t given a second thought to and that’s exactly why this makes the perfect gift – how many people have used the same one for years, even when it’s starting to fall apart – the best gifts are those that you get lots of use out of, but never get around to buying yourself.

So if you have a friend or relative that likes to open a bottle of wine or two – then you can order this gift set from amazon here


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