Dining at Pho Manchester – Private Dining Area Now Available

It’s December and just like clockwork my hat, scarf and gloves have all been retrieved from the back of the drawers. Mornings usually start with the ritual of de-icing the car and turning on heated seats, while evenings include lighting the fire.

It’s that time of year, that whilst cold, is all about getting cosy and warming yourself up, with one of the best ways being with a hearty meal.

You may think about a warming hearty soup, which come in lots of different guises, with some being from nice warm countries, such as Pho from Vietnam.

So right on cue, I was invited to take a look at the newly opening balcony space at Pho Manchester as well as being able to experience some of their Dishes, absolutely perfect on a day that was registering 2 degrees when I stepped out.

Pho is located in the Corn Exchange Manchester and serves up an abundance of Vietnamese delights to shoppers and diners and now with their newly opened balcony area, which can be booked for private parties including birthdays or while I was there, a baby shower, a perfect venue for a get together.

The balcony area, which also has its own private bar, enables your group to dine from their menu, so while I was there I checked out some of what was on offer.

Starters include Summer Rolls in Veggie (£4.95), Chicken (£5.25) or Prawn (£5.50) varieties, wrapped in fresh rice paper and served with a choice of Nuoc Cham or Peanut Sauce.

Crispy Spring Rolls with Pork (£5.50) also served with your choice or sauce are a dish I could sit and eat all day – dipping in the sauce whilst honing chopstick skills.

Other options included Beef Betal (Beef wrapped in Betal Leaves), Pork and Lemon Grass Meatballs or some Crispy Chicken Wings.

The main event at Pho however has to be the dish the restaurant is named after – the Pho itself.

Pho (Pronounced FUH) is a Vietnamese Noodle soup made using a rich broth, rice noodles and a protein of your choosing. The fun bit comes at the table, where you add flavours to suit your taste as on a side plate you get a plate of herbs and other items that you add yourself. Be it some chilli, mint, basil, crispy bean sprouts or a squeeze of fresh lime, the choice is yours.

On the table you have even more elements that you can add, including Garlic and Chilli Vinegar, Fish Sauce or of cause Sriracha.

The bowl is huge and it’s packed of goodness which is not only warming but also great for keeping colds at bay, with each mouthful varying as you adapt the flavours as you go, which also makes it great fun.

With options to suit just about any dietary requirement, Pho is an easy choice when booking something to eat for a party of people, so why not pop down and check out the space for yourself.



I was invited to dine at Pho and was not asked to pay. the thoughts and opinions in the piece however are my own and honest


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