Gin of the Month – York Gin Navy Strength

York Gin featured in my reviews back in 2018, but back then I was trying out three other versions of their products. These included a Coco infused plus a Roman Fruits Gin, these were very interesting, however when at Three Wine Men in Manchester recently, I had the pleasure of trying their Navy Strength version. After one small sip I was won over, I just had to delve into it further. First thing I discover is that the company is due to have its birthday real soon, having launched just under 2 years ago.

Given the name Outlaw, their navy strengh gin joins other famous York Outlaws including Guy Fawkes and Dick Turpin to come out of the great city, plus for me it immediately became my favorite of their great range so far.

Winner of double gold at the 2019 world spirits competition, its literally classed as one of the best spirits in the world and I can see why.

The bottle is a simple design, but one that would look good on any gin shelf. A symbolic wall and cat design shouts out it’s York heritage along with the ancient looking font, which is found on all their gins.

Distilled to 57% this is a gin that you would expect to slap you in the face, but its not alcohol that you receive in abundance, but the Juniper that really takes first prize in this little beauty.

The double distillation has intensified the botanicals and when opening the bottle you are met with an unmistakable spirit that is gin. The Juniper is pleasing and then balanced out by citrus and sweet floral notes.

On sipping it neat, the Juniper also carries right through the spirit, backed up with a warming hint of cardamom and coriander.

As usual, I then mix with a light tonic to help the botanicals open up further. This lifts the floral notes and it becomes a really easy drinking gin with what still feels like a double hit of Juniper.

I then try the gin with Fever-Tree Mediterranean, the rosemary element really compliments the gin, which is bold enough to still be the most dominant element in the glass.

Far too often a gin which tastes great neat, can be overwhelmed by anything other than a light or Indian tonic, this one however is made to be challenged.

Still getting a strong juniper coming through, the other botanicals mix well with a long and complex finish added by the Angelica.

This is a gin for the traditional gin lover, who loves their juniper bold and who recognises quality. Soon to be celebrating their 2nd birthday, why not celebrate with them and check out their options here

Tasting notes

ABV: 57%

NOSE: Warm, hints of floral & lemon top notes.

PALATE: Dry, strongly juniper-led, balanced by floral notes & warm cardamom.

FINISH: An earthy dryness of angelica, balanced with peppery tones.

AFTERTASTE: A complex & smooth finish, no one tone takes precedence.


York Gin provided me with this gin to taste and review, without any input or requirements from them. The review is the honest and impartial thoughts of Manchester Food Tourist. We do not accept any payment for gin reviews which remain a true guide to other gin lovers around the globe.


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