Gin Review:- Saint Amans Gin

Many of my regular readers will know that I am a massive wine enthusiast and during WSET studies have tasted numerous french wines, yet surprisingly never a french gin, that is until now!

Saint Amans Gin is produced in the small French hamlet of the same name, in the South West of France by Anne MacColl-Turpin and Jean-Louis Turpin.

Anne has a passion for growing fruit, flowers and herbs, whilst Jean-Louis has a fascination with using Grape Pomace (Or marc), which is the grape matter left over from the winemaking process.

Producing a base spirit from this matter, rather than grain, can create a much more complex base, to which the botanicals can be added.

So it goes without saying, that when I was invited to try out Anne and Jean-Louis gin, which combines a grape marc base with an abundance of french grown botanicals, I jumped at the chance.

I was sent two of there gins by Anne, their original and a pink ‘Gin Rose’. The bottles themselves look very french in design, with a massive nod to the world of wine.

I start off by trying the original. On the nose the juniper is soft and fresh with a delicate presence of lavender and even lighter touch of rose. No one botanical jumps out the glass, rather they are all show constraint, allowing each smell to throw in something else, including citrus blend of oranges and lemons, discreet violet and an earthiness and smokiness which can only come about through a complex blend.

I mix with a light tonic and citrus bares a little more teeth, with the delicate floral notes continuing to dance from the glass with the tonics bubbles.

On the palette, the complexity continues to impress, with each sip having me guessing what botanical is bringing something to the party next.

Floral in nature, this gin isn’t all it seems at the start. As the floral and citrus notes give way, a beautiful offering of spice is presented. Ginger shows its face, followed by a lasting finish of Espelette Pepper, which leaves you wanting another sip.

The grape base of this gin definitely adds to the smoothness and complexity of this gin, which is ideal for sipping, or with a light tonic.

I have definitely been left impressed and I cant wait to open the Gin Rose next… but for my thoughts on that you’ll need to wait just a little longer!!

Name:- Saint Amans Gin

Price:- £39.95

Proof:- 40% abv

Buy From:- Vino Fandango Website

Disclaimer:- Saint Amans Gin was sent to me as a PR sample to try, the review and all thoughts are honest and those of Manchester Food Tourist/The Gin Tourist


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