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This weekend sees me returning to the Gin To My Tonic in Manchester. It is my second trip to the show of the year, having visited it in Liverpool earlier in the year.

There are always a number of great gins to browse and try and I am always on the lookout for something new to write about here. One such gin that I discovered at the Liverpool show, was Hepple Gin.

Hepple Gin is produced in the small village of Hepple found in the Northumbrian Hills, which is of Britain’s last sanctuary’s for wild juniper, so lets face it, it would be criminal not to have its own gin!

Distilled by Chris Gardner, the distiller known for his previous work with Sipsmith, the gin is all about using state of the art, experimental techniques to produce something a little bit special.

This beautiful gin is produced by using a three-step process. Step one being a standard single-round pot distillation of a grain neutral base spirit along with key botanicals.

Step two is a separate, vacuum distillation of some different botanicals in a rotary evaporator, and finally, a supercritical CO2 extraction system, which is usually used to make perfume, is used to make a third distillate. Once these three processes are complete, the three distillates are than all combined to make the final blend.

As mentioned, different botanicals are used in each of the three distillations, they include several varieties of Juniper, Douglas Fir, Blackcurrant (berries and leaves), Lovage, Amalfi Lemon, Coriander, Fennel, Orris root, Liquorice, and Angelica, with some of the botanicals even being sourced from Hepple’s own estate.

On the nose the spirit is super fresh, with juniper combining with Douglas Fir to transport you to a Christmas time forest. Citrus notes are also evident and the overall aroma is incredibly inviting.

On the palette neat, the freshness of this gin slaps you in the face once more with the Douglas fir combining juniper perfectly. The citrus elements are also joined with a slightly bitter liquorice, which carries through to a long finish. it also has a gorgeous mouthfeel and is slightly oily.

Combined with a light tonic, all elements are softened but all still present. The citrus takes a more prominent part however. The fresh juniper and fir taking a more reserved approach, with the spicy finish being more rounded and complex then when neat.

Finally I try the gin with a Mediterranean Tonic and I feel the extra herby element pairs perfectly with this gin.

This is a traditional gin which shouts Martini. The triple method definitely beings added freshness to the juniper and they allow each botanical to being something to the party, whilst being unapologetically reserved.

Name:- Hepple Gin

Price:- £38 (70cl)

Proof:- 45% abv

Buy From:- Hepple Spirits Website

Disclaimer:- Hepple Gin was provided as a PR Sample to try and review. The post and all thoughts are those of Manchester Food Tourist / The Gin Tourist


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