Gin Review:- Papillon Gin

Its been a short while since my last gin review, mainly due to the hectic agenda I always have at the start of each year (Including Holidays). However now things are settling down, I have now got back to work on some new reviews, covering off some exciting gins, which will be coming your way over the next few months.

To start these off, is a gin that I have had sitting on my gin shelf for a month or so, but have only just gotten around to opening and trying this last week.

Made in Devon, Papillon Gin is produced with a host of local botanicals including Gorse, Rowan Berries, Nettles and Devon Violets amongst others, with the final recipe decided upon with lots of trial and error, but ensuring it kept its ’Dartmoor flavours’.

The bottle features a beautiful design with a butterfly at its centre, hence the name Papillon. The connection with butterflies does not stop there though, as a percentage of each bottle sold goes to a charity protecting endangered butterflies, including the Pearl Bordered Fritillary, that feeds on wild violets.

The gin inside is just as beautiful as the design on the outside, with a complex and invigorating nose, which is citrus led.

On the palette it is also citrus forward with a fresh lemony/lime zing, followed by a satisfying, yet subtle floral element, bought about by the presence of botanicals including gorse and camomile, which always seem to being something special to gin. These notes are followed up by a lingering spiciness, with restrained use of cardamom.

Having tried neat at first, I then make a gin and tonic using a light tonic. This opens the gin up dramatically, however its the cardamom that becomes the prominent botanical on the nose for me, with the citrus and floral elements combining in the follow up.

On the palette the gin has a fantastic savouriness about it whilst being beautifully balanced, it also has a great mouth feel and you can tell that care and quality produce has been combined. For me this gin needs no other elements added to it and I’m content leaving it paired with a light tonic. If you do want to be more adventurous with it though, I would probably say a Mediterranean or Lemon Tonic would work wonders too.

For me this is yet another fantastic gin from Devon which really should be tried.

Name:- Papillon Gin

Price:- £35.85 (70cl)

Proof:- 42% ABV

Buy From:- Spirts Kiosk or other online spirits retailers


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