Gin Review:- Seven Crofts

I have to be honest and admit that I knew nothing of Ullapool or even that it existed, until a a work colleague told me that it was where he grew up and showed me it on a map (Hi Hamish if you’re reading this!)

I immediately wanted to check this wonderful place out for myself, however time constraints, followed by covid lockdowns, resulted in any trips being pushed back time and time again.

Since first hearing about Ullapool, the Highland Liquor Company launched a gin named Seven Crofts, which I was first exposed to during the days of lockdowns.

Named after the seven original dwellings of the small fishing village in which it’s produced, the gin is a classic style gin, but with an added blast of freshness.

The bottle itself is designed with those that held traditional Genever in mind and uses a lush green hue, inspired by the green forests that surround this west highland village.

On sampling neat, you feel you are transported to those lush green forests, with a fresh pine hit coming through on the nose from the juniper, this is followed up by a sweet citrus element.

On the palette it is clean and crisp, with great complexity. Each of the seven botanicals bring something to the party, whilst restraint also ensures that nothing dances off on its own, instead they stay together, combining in harmony.

With a light tonic added, the piney juniper continues to dance away, partnering with fresh lemon and a great earthiness. The finish is subtly spicy with use of coriander, pink peppercorn and cardamom.

This is not only a bottle that would sit beautifully on any gin shelf, but is also a great classic gin that suits all occasions.

Name: Seven Crofts

Price: £40 (70cl)

Proof: 43%

Buy From: Highland Liquor Co


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